10 Ace Things From 2016

10 Ace Things From 2016

Ten things which meant the world to me, made me smile like a goon, fond memories to look back on in a few years time. That all happened in 2016.

2016 was a good year for me, I travelled, managed to pass first year, had a good summer job and have lots of happy memories in between. I definitely know I want to aim for next year as a result and it’s been so lovely looking back over everything and remembering the good times.

I’m writing this whilst watching Porridge which apparently is a TV classic but I’ve never seen it before? It’s actually quite funny. The fire is burning away, we’ve just had fajitas for tea and I’m wearing my fave pyjamas. I’ve wrestled with my suitcase for Prague and Christmas is TWO days away. Could life get any better?

But yeh, 2016 was cool. So here is a list of 10 things which made it so good. Aside from all the rubbish political stuff, ugh.

1. The Bahamas & Philadelphia

I couldn’t right a list of ten things which I liked in 2016 and not mention my trip to these beautiful places. It was an amazing experience and considering I’ll probably never visit the Caribbean again (or at least for like, another ten years and I have a real job), it’s pretty special to me. I had a fantastic time and it was a 100x better as I had my own tour guide and stayed with her lovely family.

Philadelphia was beautiful too. A different kind of beautiful. I would kill to go back to North America and visit it again (maybe fit in time for Chicago, Boston and NYC too?) but we’ll see if that happens any time soon. I liked the laid-back American lifestyle and the Drexel University campus was so cool. And Victoria’s Secret, because Victoria’s Secret.

2. No7 Beautifully Matte Light Foundation

After years of struggling with finding the “perfect” foundation, I think I’ve managed it for my skin tone/type. Yeah sure, I bet I could find a better one if I shelled out £30 on one but hello, that money can go towards other things such as Diet Coke.

It costs £14.50 and is such a great formula. It’s so light and doesn’t feel cakey but has great coverage and Cool Ivory is such a great match for my skin.

3. Matalan Padded Jacket 

This was another typical me buy. Not the style or anything. But the way I bought it. I was in Matalan with my great Aunt in Edinburgh and just felt really overwhelmed and desperate to buy something. So I did.

I *think* it was about £12 in the sale and I regretted it for ages afterwards as I bought it in March and I didn’t really have any need to wear it. So it sat in my wardrobe amongst a lot of the other clothes I don’t wear. But when I came back to Glasgow in September it got a new lease of life.

I wear it almost everyday. It’s perfect for almost everything. I love it. Its long gone out of stock now but here is a couple of similar ones here and here.

4. University

2016 was my first full year of university. I’ve just finished my first semester of second year, and well, I think it went ok. I haven’t had my exam results yet but hm, yeah, it’s okay. I absolutely adore Glasgow and all the people I’ve met there. It’s fun, interesting, exciting and vibrant.

My classes (mostly) are stimulating and exciting. I love my courses, they’re fun and interesting. I’m super excited to study Rome again next semester and just continue learning. I know it sounds dumb but learning is cool.

5. City Breaks 

The ultimate holiday. Give me trotting around a city with some sort of local delicacy food in my hand on my way to the new tourist spot with a camera in hand over sunbathing at a beach any day.

I’ve been super lucky where I’ve managed to tick off a few days in Philadelphia and Barcelona this year and I still have Prague to come. It just makes me even more excited to see where I can go next. I’d love to head back to Paris but a few places which have been on my hit list for a few years are Budapest, Krakow and Rome. Hopefully I’ll manage at least one of them in 2017 right?

6. My Hair 

After years (aka my whole life) of having brunette hair, I decided to mix things up by going blonde in 2016. I love the colour of it, I love the way it makes me look and most importantly, how I feel. It makes me feel confident and sassier and less like a little kid. I don’t know why but it just does.

7. The Vampire Diaries & The Originals 

Ugh get my god get me to Mystic Falls ASAP.

I started watching The Vampire Diaries during essay writing week (naturally), and well, got a bit hooked on it. I’m now streaming the new season weekly to catch up with it and OH MY GOD I LOVE IT SO MUCH. SO MUCH DRAMA AND EXCITE.

After binge watching a few seasons in a couple of weeks and catching up with the current season, I decided to check out it’s sister series, The Originals based in New Orleans. I think I like The Originals even more. It’s just so dramatic.

Plus it’s brought on a hankering for New Orleans. It’s my number one holiday destination wish at the moment. Please someone take me.

8. Bridget Jones’ Baby

Bridget Jones is one of my idols. I absolutely adore her. I went to see the new film with my friends and I actually cried at the ending. So perfect. Bridget deserved it. I admire Bridget’s character, her strength and her opinions. Her attitude to life is exactly what I want mine to be.

Plus they didn’t actually kill off Hugh Grant’s character so does that mean we could see another Bridget film? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE x100.  

9. Wild by Cheryl Strayed 

The most inspirational book I’ve ever read. It’s up there in my top-whatever with All The Bright Places and The Hobbit. It had me harping on about wanting to do something similar with my life. Except I’m not a recovering heroin addict reeling from a lot of loss.

It made my cry, it made me smile, it made me believe in never giving up. It was funny, it was heartbreaking, it was loving. Cheryl Strayed’s journey was inspiring and sensational and wow, read this book.

10. Writing Things Down 

This year has been pretty good, all in all. I’ve got about five notebooks on the go at the moment which does sound a bit excessive in time of the digital age.

I have my bullet journal which is my pick me up for organising my life. I have a blogging book with posts and ideas and then another notebook which I just right down random things in from clothes I see I want to buy to recipes I jot down. I also have a little book of goals which I started recently to keep me focussed and most importantly, I have a proper journal.

I don’t write in it very often, just as a last resort. It’s just a small notebook and has about a handful of entires but it’s there when I need it.

Writing things down has really helped me to keep control and be balanced. It keeps me on track, settled and content. I really do recommend it if you also struggle with control and organisation issues.

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