10 Etsy Prints To Buy In 2017

10 Etsy Prints To Buy In 2017

Do you ever just think of your bedroom? Or your living room? Or your kitchen? And just think “ugh”.

I can’t wait for the day I have my own flat and I can stick things up on the wall via nails or change the colour of the walls or hell, even knock a wall out. Rented accommodation does suck in that way. I mean, I could try and do that to my parents house but I probably would be shot.

Prints are such a cheap and easy way to change up your room real quick. I have a couple at home and at uni which make me smile when I look at them. I’m always trawling Etsy looking at more and I’m definitely going to treat myself to a “What Would Blair Waldorf Do?” print at one point in the near future. Maybe a birthday treat to myself I dunno. OH OR AN END OF SEMESTER TREAT. I can’t believe I’m talking about the end of semester, it’s only February FFS.

Anyway, here’s ten which I think are pretty <3 <3 <3. My faves are the umbrellas, the typewriter and the doughnut, because duh, doughnuts. It’s just kinda quirky.

1. Compass Print £5.03
2. Coco Print £6.03
3. Doughnut Print £4.56
4. Stephen King Quote Print £10
5. Sea Print £7.03
6. “Enjoy The Little Things” Print £5.03
7. Umbrella Print £5.03
8. Cicero Quote Print £3.84
9. Typewriter Print £5.03
10. “She Believed She Could So She Did” Print £5.03


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