12 Hours In London

12 Hours In London

In hindsight, spending a whole 12 hours in London was probably not the one three days before my first exam. Needless to say, it probably won’t be my brightest of moves as a person who neglects revision until the last week and a half. But as visa appointments are a fickle thing (not to mention bloody terrifying and a harrowing experience let me tell ya), I kind of just had to take what I could get and hustle on with it.

We ended up flying to London due to the time constraints and it being a smidge cheaper than the train. This brought me to Edinburgh airport at like 4.30am which is also not the one and I didn’t fly back again until half past 8 at night so this left us with practically the whole day on our hands. My little sissy came along for the ride so I wasn’t a lost little soul on my own wandering around (although I’m pretty sure I would have also enjoyed that too).

I thought I would just do a little post sharing lots of photos from our trip. We didn’t do a lot in comparison to what I would be like if we had headed down for a few days and I could plan plan plan but due to the embassy appointment I had to be a lot more flexible and just go with the flow. I hate going with the flow but we ended up having the loveliest of days, although we were quite happy to get back home at a silly hour on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning as we were both knackered.

Okay, a few things to remark. Firstly, I bloody loved London. I was worried I would hate it and it wouldn’t meet the expectations I had in my head but thankfully this was not the case and I think we’re a match made in heaven tbh. Secondly, the weather was horrifically chilly but super sunny which was v annoying but we pottered on. Thirdly, I absolutely adore this shirt I was wearing from Primark but unfortunately I don’t think it suits me all that well. My boobs look the size of basketballs and it makes me look really boxy around my waist. Plus it is v v v tight on the arms so unless I lose some arm weight, I don’t know what’ll become of this top. And fourthly, my visa was so approved, hurrah!

After arriving into the centre of London from Heathrow, we wandered through Hyde Park towards the US embassy. Hyde Park was really cool but we had to press on to face the long queues and a whole lot of paperwork. Well I did, Louise sat in a Eat up the street. It was my first experience of obtaining a visa and it was bloody terrifying. It is such a tense experience, super tight security and I felt if I breathed wrong I would get thrown out and my visa would be declined. However that was not the case, the staff were all really helpful, patient and friendly and it was over pretty quickly once you get inside.

Louise and I met up again and headed to the Oxford Street branch of Primark as I was freezing and wanted to buy a hoodie. It was super busy (obvs) but not as gross as anticipated and I ended up coming away with a couple of summer dresses and a pair of sunglasses as well as the hoodie. The hoodie is my fave and is a gorgeous shade of lilac which I bought despite Louise telling me lilac isn’t my colour (she doesn’t know what she is talking about). We then headed back to Hyde Park and walked around in the chilly sunshine. We stopped by the Serpentine lake which is so picturesque and ended up hiring out one of the pedal boats for a while which was fun but also bloody freezing and hard work with I’m not always partial to. I can imagine on a sunny warm day that Hyde Park is even more beautiful. After having enough of the outdoors we wandered further on to the National History Museum which was really cool and I’m v disappointed I didn’t get to go on a school trip there.

By this point in the day we were both quite hungry so headed to a little Italian for lunch, ordered some pizzas, calamari and garlic dough balls whilst resting our weary feet. This area of London was absolutely gorgeous and I wish wish wish with every bone in my body that I could afford to live there at some point but hell will probs freeze over before that happens. We then paid a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum which is a stunning building but also hosts the most amazing collections. It was so impressive and really interesting as a few of bits we looked at coincided with the history course this semester so I felt a millimetre less guilty for missing a whole day of revision.

Our final stop was Buckingham Palace. I’m not going to lie, I was a lil unsure of this one. I’ve seen countless pictures of this building and I didn’t get the wow factor when I saw it face to face. Like it was cool but I have other preferred castles/palaces. It was still cool to see up close though. We then made our way back to Paddington via Oxford Street and ended up spending a good hour in Pret drinking hot drinks to warm our bones and charging our both-dead phones.

It was a whistle stop tour to the capital and it just made me wanting more, which they always say is a good sign! I’m typing this up now on the flight back to Edinburgh I am v excited for both my bed when I get home and now to watch the episode of Reign I have downloaded from Netflix (thank you Netflix for adding this incredz feature), what a wild life. Till the next time London!

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