16 Things We All Feel After Christmas At Home

16 Things We All Feel After Christmas At Home

So it’s official. Christmas is over. And you’re back. Back at uni. Back to a (probably) cold flat. And home is just a distant distant memory.

1. Home cooked meals. Goodbye nutritious diet, hello pasta and cheese. Your old friend.

2. Saying goodbye to your parents is totz emosh. Like oh my god you’ve just had the most wonderful family Christmas and know you’re going away on your own to a cold flat in a strange city. Aaaaaah.

3. You’ve forgotten your flat actually has a smell. And it ain’t a pretty one.

4. Sleeping in your bed in halls for the first time. Who knew it had so many springs? Well your back freaking does.

​5. You’ll miss your hometown gals. Nobody quite understands the perils of a small-town quite like they do.

6. Everyone has new years resolutions, mainly revolving around lecture attendance, gym going and alcohol.

7. You spend around 28384 hours on Netflix. So many shows to binge on before shit gets serious again.

8. You forget that uni is thing. Like what is getting up in the morning? Why am I in this city again?

9. Pyjamas. The national uniform of students. You forgot people wore them all day everyday at uni so it’s weird after seeing people in normal clothes.

10. On the pyjamas note, everyone got new ones for Christmas so that’s mega exciting.

11. The first few nights out back with your uni pals are always messy. Everyone pre-games to hard at pre-drinks and going out is like an organised mission by one semi-sober person.

12. You’re back to checking out the reduced section in Tesco like you are looking for the Holy Grail. At home you didn’t have to do that.

13. Everyone has a stash of “Christmas chocolate” in their room. That’s where the drunk snacking happens.

​14. Somebody got a haircut. It’s written in the lore of change at Christmas.

15. The gym is so crazy busy. Like wtf? Do all these people have New Years resolutions or summin? (Spoiler: you are one of those people)

16. But howevs, despite that being home for Christmas ace, you couldn’t be happier to be back in your shitty flat with your awesome mates. Unay <3

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Original Post Date: January 2016