Six Summer Style Essentials You Need In 2017

Style posts aren’t always my go to. I, on occasion, am a big fan of my own personal style but on other days I just want to completely bin my wardrobe and start again because I hate everything. It’s no secret that I lack self confidence due to the way I think I look but this summer, I’m vowing things to be different. I’m hoping to finally get a grip of my weight and what I’m eating this summer but that story is for another post.

The heat can be a bit of menace if you are on the chunky side like me. Chafing is the devil’s work, denim shorts are my arch nemesis and the heat makes me sweat in places I didn’t even know possible. Overshare? As I’m now spending this summer in the UK where the weather fluctuates between freezing cold, bracing winds and melting hot, it can be a little bit difficult to predict what you need and when.

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