10 Little Things #4

It’s Saturday night and I’m about to commit to a night of binge watching Sherlock because Love Island isn’t on and I’m not sure what to do about it. I’m currently on episode 2 and cor blimey, I forgot how blinkin’ amazing this show is. I think I’m in for a wild night. I also have to pick my sister up from her night out and I’m a) v worried she is sick in my new car and b) v excited for the McDonald’s I’m definitely going to have in the 24 McDonald’s in Berwick.

This week has been different to previous, I started a job (yay!) and the task of moving house from the farm to our new digs has begun so it is all very exciting. Only one week and one day left in this house I’ve called home for the last 19 odd years so it is pretty emotional but I’m very excited to get moved and start decorating and playing around with my new room! But on with this week’s little things ..

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