5 Hours In Glasgow With My Sister

5 Hours In Glasgow With My Sister

Uhuh. A whole five hours. Lucky Louise. I had to go back to sort some stuff in my flat before Thursday so I was like COME WITH ME AND WE’LL HAVE ALL THE FUNSIES. Well that statement was a bit of a joke we had the dentist which meant we couldn’t get a train till after 12 so we didn’t get into Glasgow until after 3 and then we whizzed off home again at about half 7 at night. So she had a whole 5 hours of my favourite city. Also the reason this picture quality is SO FREAKING BAD is because Louise pointed out to me in Pizza Hut that I had sellotape over my camera :)))))) who is on it or who is on it. Not me anyway. So apologies for all my previous snaps.

After stumbling off the train at Queen Street, we hopped on the Subway towards Kelvinbridge. Louise managed the 20 minute walk to my flat (uphill) without moaning and then spent her first hour in G-Town watching Hebburn on my laptop as I sorted my shit out. At about half 4, we were ready to venture out.

First stop: the university. Or Hogwarts as it’s sometimes called. We walked down Queen Margaret Drive and then along Byres Road, with me spouting information here, there and everywhere. We popped into the university gift shop so Louise could buy some things (we bought mum a fridge magnet) and then trotted off into the quadrangles and the cloisters. Be still my beating heart. Still soooo pretty after almost 9 months of pottering around in them. Louise was impressed *I think*, and kept saying how she wanted to go there. We took some pics before gazing up at the oh-so-sexy-no-scaffolding-tower. Instagram here we come. After being at the university for almost nine months, this was my first time seeing the tower in all it’s glory and it was mesmerising. Although it does look a lot skinnier now but just as beaut.

We hopped on the Subway again at Kelvinbridge and got off at Buchanan St and heading off towards to shops. Louise had a giftcard for Jack Wills so we went there and then into one of my favourite shops, Urban Outfitters, for a cheeky go in the photobooth. I LOVE the Urban Outfitters photobooth. It’s quite pricey for what it is, so cliche BUT OH MY GOD so fun and such a nice little memento.

Feeling peckish, we headed into Pizza Hut for some pizza and garlic bread. I was going to treat myself to cookie dough but the thought of going on holiday in 48 days made me change my mind. I don’t want to be mistaken for a beached whale on the beach now do I. We had about 40 minutes to kill before our train so we dawdled around Buchanan Street, popped into the Nike store and had a browse around St Enoch Centre looking for toilets. Girl don’t want to pay at Central to use the bladdy toilet.

Before we knew, it was time to hop on the train home again and we were whizzing off towards Edinburgh. After boarding our second train, we were delayed 30 minutes at Dunbar as another passenger took ill and we had to wait for an ambulance. By the time we had made it back the car, we were both tired and began to annoy each other again. Sister bliss over.

I’m so glad I got to show Louise around a little bit of one of my favourite places and we’ve decided we’re going to go up in the summer for a few days to my swanky new flat and make a little trip out of it. With a FULL day dedicated to shopping. On it.

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