5 Places I Want To Visit In The Next 3 Years

5 Places I Want To Visit In The Next 3 Years

I really hope I manage to do all of these but hm, it’s probably not going to happen.

I have a huge travel bucket list in my bullet journal, with destinations ranging from Tokyo to Cornwall. I was lucky that I got to go a couple of really cool places last year and I’d love love love to continue that in the next few years.

Travel is exciting. It’s liberating, different and opens my eyes. I haven’t travelled much and I am more of a tourist than a traveller but that doesn’t mean I don’t dream of sandy beaches in Bali to the busy streets of New York to ice cream parlours in Rome.

As budgets permit, I would love to be able to tick off everywhere on my big list but well, it’ll probably take a good few years to manage that. Instead, here’s the five I do want to head to in the near future.

1. Dublin 

Dublin is somewhere I’d maybe like to go as my first solo trip? I’m always reading blogs about people who travel solo and go on spontaneous weekends away but I’ve always been too chicken to do it myself.

Dublin seems perfect to me: very pretty, lots to do, not too expensive and not too far away from home so I can do it an a weekend.

2. Krakow 

I’ve wanted to go to Krakow since I worked at The Cobbles and a couple of people who worked there had either lived there or visited regularly. There is so much to do in Krakow and it seems a really lovely city which isn’t too expensive either! Auschwitz is somewhere I’ve always wanted to see with my own eyes and I’ve heard the salt mines outside of Krakow are amazing.

In December I visited Prague for a few days and that has only intensified my desire to visit more cities in this part of Europe – the history there is insane!

3. Budapest 

Similar to Krakow, I’m drawn to Budapest in the same way. I like the culture surrounding the city and how steeped it in history. As I’m writing this, I’m heading to Prague in six days so I’d love to tick another one off my list in the near future.

4. Oxford

In the last week or so, I’ve been binge watching the ITV drama Lewis on Netflix. It is probably my most favourite TV program ever. Throwback to when I lived at home and I would watch it religiously on ITV3 on repeat every single week. I think it was on on a Thursday night?

After finishing The Originals I was trawling Netflix as I fancied some crime or mystery and saw Lewis had been added to Netflix. SO OH MY GOD. I watched it all. Currently watching the second last episode atm and its amazing.

But it does really make me want to visit Oxford. Even though a lot of murders do seem to occur there.

5. Rome

I study Classics at university which means I am a lil bit obsessed with Athens and Rome. I’ve never been to either which is a bit rubbish of me but I’ve heard we do get to go to one of them in third year with the uni.

Rome appeals to me the most as I prefer Roman history and literature but also, I want to visit Rome for the food and the atmosphere and the shopping and all the sights.

And pizza. Pizza.

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