7 Reasons To Watch How To Get Away With Murder

7 Reasons To Watch How To Get Away With Murder

Is it the most gripping TV programme I watched in 2015? Quite possibly yes. Did I binge watch this in two days? Absolutely yes. It was everything I like in a TV show. It was gripping, exciting, something new and a lil bit romance thrown in on the side. I had absolutely no idea what was gong on at any given time but at the same time I was never confused or losing interest. How sweet is that. It was beautiful, so clever and unique. Literally cannot wait for season two this year. Here’s ten reasons why you should get on the bandwagon …

1. The guy who played Dean from Harry Potter is in it. And he’s hot. Like mega sexy hot. He plays the cool, clever, shy, underdog main character. Who just can’t not love.

2. Viola Davis is OH MY GOD amazing in this show. She plays the super powerful lawyer/lecturer who gets the five wannabe lawyers in the show into a really confusing series of messed up murders. Although she’s a little misguided, Viola Davis plays a really powerful woman which is nice to see in society these days.

3. The plot line. DUH. How To Get Away With Murder is about exactly that and in the show it covers two mega confusing murders and the first like six episodes have flash-forwards and the present time in them. Which is real cool And adds to the atmosphere of the show. How sassy.

4. It’s seriously intense. Like you are on the edge of your seat and you’re not really sure what is going on 95% of the time. But in a good way. Basically you’re just not sure who is doing the murdering and all that.

5. As well as the major plot line which the flashbacks are portraying, there are lots of little sub-plots to do with the clients of Viola Davis’ character. And they are just super interesting and clever and smart and just make the show spin even faster and more intensely.

6. This show is completely new. I’ve never seen a show like it before. How To Get Away With Murder. Like what even is that title. It’s a law/crime show with a twist. A huge one. Corrupt lawyers are nothing new. But law students? Getting away with murder? With the help and tuition of their teacher? So new, exciting and fresh.

7. Last awesome fact about this great show: there has only been one season so far and season one left on one hell of a cliffhanger. SO WHAT DOES THIS MEAN PEOPLE? Season two is on its way. Hell ye.

Original Post Date: February 2016