It Doesn’t Always Have To Work Out – And That’s Okay

My last blog post explained why I wouldn’t be blogging this summer, that I would be spending almost 3 months in West Virginia working on a summer camp and as a result, would be giving up my blog for the summer as it just wouldn’t be feasible. Well surprise, I’m back. I could give you … Continue Reading

3 Ways To Have An Awesome Autumnal Sunday

Whilst summer is all well and good, it doesn’t really do it for me in Britain. Probably because Scotland’s weather can be quite dire so it feels like autumn for about 70% of the summer anyway. Autumn is pretty cool in the city although the weather in the last week has been shocking in Glasgow … Continue Reading

7 Months Of 2017

Life seems to be going very quickly at the moment and I’m not okay with that. To top things off, I’m only assured that things will be quicker from here on out. I haven’t accomplished half the things I wanted to this year: I didn’t travel, I didn’t become healthier, I didn’t do more exciting … Continue Reading

3 Of The Loveliest Places To Eat In The Scottish Borders

Since I’ve been spending this summer at home, I’ve been trying to revert to being a tourist in my own area and seeing things a little differently. Whilst the Scottish Borders are not Glasgow, it doesn’t mean there aren’t things to see and do and places to eat! Although I’ve been working during the week, … Continue Reading

7 Summer Beauty Bits I’m Coveting This July

I would never ever call myself a beauty blogger because I’m not, I’m far from one. I just like make-up and I share what I like on The Monday Project. Make-up can be a little bit tricky in the summer because it can quite literally just melt of your face. When I was in the … Continue Reading