I’ve been really trying to up my skincare game this year because my skin is gross and horrible and I spend 2488 minutes moaning about it. The weather is a little grim today, I’m sitting in my bed and my Classics work is staring at me in the face as if to say “HELLO REMEMBER US.”

I’m going to those guys next but at the moment, I’m sorting through my beauty products and deciding which ones I love and ones I like a little bit. I’m also watching Criminal Minds because <3. I’m watching season 8 which I don’t think I’ve seen before and it is soooo good. All the characters are so great and the storylines seriously, seriously, seriously, creep me out.

It’s taken me a little while to condense this post because I have talked about a few of the things before. I wanted to share products that are relevant to the time of year we’re at, if you have skin like mine (a lot of redness with a smidge of dryness occasionally) or if you want to up your beauty game a little bit. I am in no shape or form to call myself a beauty guru. I’m not. I just like spending my money on pretty things. But yes, all the things I’m feeling all <3 <3 <3 about.

Nivea Creme 

I have been using a moisturiser from The Body Shop for yonks, honestly yonks. I got it for Christmas when I was 16 or 17 so I think the fact I was still using last Christmas testifies how little I moisturise. But my skin had been really dry and almost painful around my nose which doesn’t make for much fun in the self-confidence world. One of my friends recommended it as it is what she uses and whilst it might not be the best moisturiser in the world, it does a good job. It can be quite heavy so make sure not too much at a time or else your face will be feel caked which won’t be soothing at all.

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Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe 

In a mission to improve my skin, I did some Googling and this little chap came recommended everywhere. I forget that you should probably look after your whole body and not just your face. Vaseline is a brand I’ve always loved and aloe vera is such a refreshing and wonderful formula. It is so soothing and makes my skin feel really clean. This moisturiser is super super light as well so it doesn’t make you feel heavy or greasy.

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The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter

I picked this up at a Body Shop blogger event back in May of last year and I wrote up a whole post about it when I was using it regularly. But then summer happened and my lack of sticking with things happened and I kind of just forgot about it until my skin played up. It is amazing. It completely cleans my face and leaves me feeling fresh and cleansed. Be careful not to apply too much though as it can be a bit heavy.

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Soap & Glory Glow All Out in Ice Shimmer

In an effort to wear more make-up and feel good in myself when wearing it, I’ve been attempting to highlight. I have a Maybelline version of this product which I absolutely LOVE so when this one was part of a Soap & Glory gift box on offer in Boots at Christmastime, I had to get involved. This one is a more silver-ry tone compared to my Maybelline one which I think I prefer for a more dramatic highlight. It is super easy to use that even I can do it, you practically just draw a line onto your face and TAH DAH.

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Sleek Control Shine & Prime Primer 

Before the engineering ball, I was having a little go at my make-up and decided I HATED my primer. It just wasn’t doing any favours for my make-up. I’m pretty sure this was me on a period rage as I have since used the foundation/primer combo which offended me so greatly since and I don’t hate it any more. But I am absolutely loving this primer which I snapped up to replace it. This is more of a paste than a cream which means it makes me face feel less greasy pre-foundation.

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Sleek Eau La La Liner in Raisin 

Lip liners are something I cannot be bothered with 98% of the time. But then it gets to 3pm and my red lipstick has dribbled down my chin and smudged everywhere. I only have a couple of lip liners in various red shades but when I decided to wear purple lipstick, I knew I needed them. This lip liner is <3. It is super easy to use and it comes in a great range of shades.

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Barry M Matte Lip Paint in Cutie Pie

Red lipstick has always been my colour but since dying my hair blonde, I’ve been touch and go with it. Sometimes it doesn’t always match what I’m wearing which is sad. I love red lipstick. But pink seems to be the colour of 2017 and in the week before my birthday, I was browsing Boots as a gal does on her way from lectures and felt suddenly overwhelmed with the need to buy something. Barry M is a brand which I usually go to for nail polishes but I spotted their matte lipsticks and I have been seriously impressed. The formula is great (doesn’t dry out at all!) and this pink shade is perfect.

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Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hands & Stronger Nails

Hand cream is something I’ve become very accustomed with recently. I’m becoming old. My hands often feel quite dry and weather-beaten so I’ve started caring some hand cream with me everywhere. After my sister rudely stole the Soap & Glory one I was using, my mum let me keep this Vaseline one she had snapped up in Primark for only £2. I have linked the same product from Boots which is a tad more expensive so get your tooshes to Primark if poss.

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