About The Monday Project

W E L C O M E   T O   T H E   M O N D A Y   P R O J E C T

I could start of by welcoming you to my little corner of the internet but that is the most used yet eyes rolled at phrase probably floating around the web. But by definition, this little spot is my corner of the internet so welcome!

The Monday Project is a lifestyle blog (read: everything and anything blog) written by me – I’m Kirsty for reference – based in both the south-east of Scotland and Glasgow, my beautiful university city. The weather sucks, it is often a good ten degrees colder than you lucky ones down south but it is pretty awesome all the same. Back in the beginning of 2015 during my final year of high school, after six months of reading lots of blogs, I decided to give things a whirl myself. It wasn’t until I found my feet in Glasgow that I began to share my blog more and more online and voila, here we are. I’ve been blogging on The Monday Project since April 2016 and really, anything goes on here. Blogging allowed me to tap into my love for writing which I lost during my teenage years and has taught me so much more: photography (still got a long way to go on this one), future career prospects, connecting with people online and sharing my thoughts with the world online.

It began as a place purely for me to plod around with and now The Monday Project has grown into something I’m proud of. I like to cover things that make me tick such as the books I’m reading, TV shows I’m obsessing over, clothes I’m coveting and beauty products which make my heart flutter. I spend way too much money lurking around in high street stores, fleecing my purse for new little bits to add to my wardrobe and make-up bag and I love that I can share that all with you. I also like to have a little chat about my life in general as uninteresting as it is: my favourite Glasgow foodie haunts, museums I’ve tootled around in, how I’ve spent my weekend. Travel blogging is something I’m just getting to sample a little more as my student budget allows, with recent trips to Praguethe Caribbean and Spain all being highlights of the last year.

Blogging has allowed me to grow in confidence in ways I didn’t know was possible and I am so thankful for finding this outlet in my life. As consuming as it, when I’m not blogging (rare) I can be found studying History and Classical Civilisation at the University of Glasgow or binge watching my latest fix on Netflix or browsing Buchanan Street for things to spend my money on.

New posts go live on The Monday Project every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday but if you miss me or want to keep up with me more on the reg (sorry I am the worst for slang), find me on my social media channels. Expect tweets about TV shows, little squares of flowers and food and some serious interior pinning on my interiors Pinterest board. My Facebook page and Bloglovin page are the best way to keep up to date with every post!

really hope this sounds like your cup of tea and something you want to stick around and have a read of! I love engaging with as many people as possible in our digital age and I would very like much to know what you think of The Monday Project. If you would like to get in touch for just a chat or work with me, check out the Contact Me page or send me a little line via email.


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