The March Edit

The March Edit

I cannot believe for the life of me were are now in FUCKING APRIL. Soz for the aggressive use of caps but WHAT THE BLOODY FUCK ANOTHER MONTH DOWN IN 2016 AlREADY. Hold your horses, what is going on. So yes, we’re month three down of this jolly good year and I’ve spent it napping, watching TV and eating food, mainly McDonald’s. So not that much different to last month then.

As March has plodded on, I’m being constantly being plagued by the thoughts of exams. They are literally just around the corner. I have two, YES TWO, at the end of April. The end of next month. What the fuck. March also brought around the end of semester two. Therefore the end of first year. I had my last ever lecture on Thursday 24th. What the frick. WHAT WHAT WHAT.

First year is over kids. A-over. Sad and emosh times. But what else have I been up to in March when I haven’t been pondering how quickly life is speeding along? Well let me tell you. Two of my friends in G-Town had birthdays in March which was super fun and exciting. For one birthday, we trotted off to The Crafty Pig on Great Western Road (amazing burgers and SO cheap for students – deffo check it out). Everyone played pool apart from me because I’m shit at pool and I HATE doing things I’m shit at it so I refuse to take part. Soz not soz. We then had a flat party to beat all flat parties where the birthday girl was fed cokes by her best friend for two hours whilst believing they were vodka n cokes. So glad that was not me because that is something that could happen. We then shopped on the Saturday and had a cheeky Spoons before heading out to The Shimmy Club at night. Lolz what we like.

The other flat birthday was on St Patrick’s Day so that was funsies all round. I skipped class (lol what a nutter) so we headed off to Tesco to buy a birthday present (Lambrini and cold meat) but stopped off for a cheeky McDonald’s on the way. McDonald’s Monopoly came out this month and I had five in the space of two weeks :)))). What summer body? I’m bloody obsessed with it. I am one of those poor idiots who is sucked in my McDonald’s marketing campaigns. Woe is me. We then had some drinks in the flat (rad) before heading to the Beer Bar in the GUU where I had the best time. Cheeky side-note: I threw up on Rachel’s back at about 8pm and quickly made my exit from there. What a friend I am.

I also went to Edinburgh in March. How fucking exciting. A whole weekend away from Glasgow that wasn’t to my lovely wee home in the Borders. We got the bus over one Friday night for Shona’s birthday weekend shenanigans and I had the nicest of weekend. Read all about my activities in Ed here. So that was all funsies.

Also signed a lease for a flat this month. So whose an adult now? That’s right bitch me. Full-time adult over here. I’m so relieved to have a flat, I feel a huge weight has been lifted off my chest and I am so glad that when I go back to Glasgow in a couple of weeks (currently at home on Easter break holla) I won’t have to trudge around the West End going to flat viewings when internally I’ll be crying over exams. I wrote all about my emosh feels here a few days ago. Also booked my holiday (someone hold me) and I absolutely cannot wait to see some new parts of the world this year! It’ll be an amazing experience and I’ll make a lot of memories. How beaut.

Whilst having Glasgow withdrawal bad, I am loving being back at home. When this post goes up, I’ll have been home for a whole week and most of that week (bar one day) will have been spent working. I have a new job for this Easter and summer period at the cafes at Floors Castle. Whilst starting a new job is always nerve-wracking, it’s really nice to start somewhere new, get more experience and meet more people. Everyone has been super nice so far and it’s a great feeling to be earning some money. All going in my Bahamas saving fund. Being at home, especially being with my family, it is such a good feeling and I am thankful to be reminded of how lucky I am with the people I have in my life.

Peace out till next time huns <3

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