August Favourites

August Favourites

I’m writing this whilst watching my bae NCIS (I can actually just chain watch this show on 5USA every single day after work so someone find me a life plz) and lying in my bed because man are my feet aching from work. And I’m going into work early tomorrow to make sandwiches in the castle kitchen for a coach party so that’s a nice fun thought to look forward too. I only have a couple of days left at work and then a few days off and then back to Glasgow and then SPAIN!! and then Glasgow again.

I said work four times in that paragraph wowza Kirsty have you heard of a thesaurus?

August has been a mix of randoms days of fun and lots and lots and lots of work because I’m a boring Betty. I’ve also been super skint this month as all these sales keep sneaking up on me and I’m still recovering from booking Prague and Spain last month! However do not fear, I’ve still found lots of awesome things in August which I think are worthy of a mention and my favourite favourites are Wild and My Trending Stories. Enjoy!

1. Sunshine & Picnics

My first every blog outfit post/style post/shoot post happened this month. After begging Emma to come take pictures of me standing awkwardly in a dress trying to find the best angle which hid my double chin and my chunky arms, I think they turned out okay. I definitely plan on doing more posts like this as clothes and the latest trends are a big part of my life (sorry bank balance xo) and it was a lot fun! Emma and I headed to The Hirsel near Coldstream in the Scottish Borders to have a picnic and shoot photographs near their lake. It was a beautiful, sunny, hot day and I ate waaaaay to much brie and I felt very sick. I wrote a whole post on this trip in the sunshine here if you are interested in seeing me pose awkwardly.

2. Glasgow day with Mum

Mum and I headed back to Glasgow this month to drop lots of my stuff off at my new flat. It was the first time my mum has seen the flat and I was super excited to show her around. Thankfully she was impressed by it and I really can’t wait to move in on the 8th September! I also can’t wait to have my feet firmly planted back in Glasgow again so I concentrate on uni, blogging and being settled in Glasgow. After carting up stuff to the top floor flat (inconvenient I know) after six trips or something, we headed out in the West End. Firstly we stopped at Tony Macaroni on the bottom of Byres Road for a quick lunch (I had carbonara and a side of olives and it was delicious), we headed up to the university. Mum had a few bits and pieces she wanted to buy before finishing our day at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. It was lovely to spend some quality time with my mum as I definitely haven’t seen enough of her this summer with work being my whole life so I really appreciate moments like that one with her! S/O to the best mum ever xxxx

3. Meal at the Waggon

A flash from the past came this month when I had dinner with four of my oldest friends. These are people who’ve I’ve been knocking about with since I was young as our parents are all friends so many a NYE’s celebration has spent with them. It’s the first time we’ve all caught up in a few years so it was really nice to have a sit down dinner and good chat. As we’ve all moved on so much in the last few years, we had plenty to talk about and it was a great evening. I like catching up with people after a long time as you always have so much to talk about and are never stuck for conversation. It’s always great hearing what other people have been up to, I love hearing drunken stories and holiday memories! Hopefully we’ll get the chance to do this again at Christmas!

4. Sale Buys

August has not been good on the old bank balance let me tell you. Thankfully I got paid on Wednesday so I’m recovering slightly but all these end of summer sales have been hitting me like BAM BAM BAM. Dorothy Perkins in Kelso has sadly closed but that did mean I bought a lot of stuff I didn’t need in the sale. My favourite purchase was a pair of white espadrilles for £4.55 but I also got an Izabel dress in a fifties style with a cherry print for £15 and a black and white spotted shirt dress in a midi length for £10. I’m very happy with all of them as they are really good quality and all bargains! Another shop I’ve found is great for bargains is M&Co. Now it’s usually a shop I associate with my mum, I found two great “party” dresses in there. One is a 1920s inspired black flapper dress for £26 reduced from £89 and the other is a navy lace bodycon midi dress reduced from £58 to £29. Both are beautiful and really well made so I’m super happy with them and can’t wait to get some wear out of them in the festive period.

5. Wild

My new bible for life. Wild. I cannot stop talking about. I’ve already written about it once on my blog (see here for Recently Reading) but I cannot stress enough how amazing it is and how much it will change your life. Simply sensational writing and superb yet heartbreaking story, it’s a real cosy-up-with-on-a-Sunday-book. It’s hard to put down and pulls on all the emotions. Everyone read immediately and it will change your life and inspire you to do great things. Lemme know if you walk the Pacific Crest Trail.

6. Avocado on Toast

Basic as hell but who cares. Avocado on toast is exactly how I like to start my days. Since I don’t get lunch at work till half 2/3 I like to have a big breakfast. Plus I don’t really like cereal. My chosen combos of avo on toast is with feta and balsamic glaze or with a fried egg and balsamic glaze. I just really love avocados, I really love toast and I REALLY love balsamic glaze. Maybe I should have had balsamic glaze as my August fave rather than avocado? Anyway it’s a great breakfast if you are wanting something to fill you up and you can spice it up or down however you please.

What has everyone else been loving in August?

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