4 Peaceful Bedroom Tips

I spend a lot of time in my bedroom. I guess I never got out of my moody teenager phase where I sulked in my room for hours on end. Living in flatmates in an apartment with no living room means that my room is my only place to chill out whilst at home I prefer the muted tones of my bedroom to relax as I can be alone.

Having a peaceful bedroom is really important to me due to the amount of time I spend in there. I get stressed out and overwhelmed super easily so having a place to be by myself and feel content is literally what I need. Yorkshire Linen challenged me to think about what a ‘peaceful’ bedroom means to me and share a few tips in case you feel like you’re lacking in the peaceful department.

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How To Start A Blog

I first stumbled across blogging when a post by Hannah Gale cropped up on my Facebook feed back in autumn 2014 and her wonderfully witty yet poignant blog opened my eyes to a whole world online. One I fell promptly head over heels for. A space to express yourself online, develop and learn more skills and meet like-minded and wonderful people.

It took me a little while to start my own blog, mostly due to a lack of confidence, but I also found information on actually starting one that made sense with my limited tech knowledge hard to find. Google is a minefield and none of the articles that were coming up in my searches where making much sense to a total beginner like me.

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5 Changes To Freshen Up Your Bedroom For Spring

Whilst my university bedroom, as I’ve mentioned many a time before, is the pits, there are some changes that can be made to even the most dire of rooms to freshen them up for spring. So whilst I should be revising for my impending exams in the next few weeks I am instead thinking about all the things I can and can’t do to my bedroom.

Interior blogs are my absolute favourite at the moment and I am feeling really inspired by the likes of Apartment Number 4 and Rush & Teal. I’m in no position to have a home as gorgeous as the ones I see floating around my Instagram but I can make tiny subtle changes which start from as cheap as £1.89. Lets discuss how we can freshen up our bedrooms shall we?

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4 Poolside Reads To Pack In Your Suitcase

My favourite thing about holidays is having the excuse to do absolutely bloody nothing. I do that most of the time anyway but then end up feeling guilty for y’know, not getting on with my life. Ibiza provided to the perfect excuse to forget about everything for a few days and completely relax. I’m into that.

I never read much during the semesters as I’m usually bogged down in academic texts for my modules or watching Netflix on a procrastination binge. I’m an avid reader and can easily finish a book in a few hours so I made sure I packed ample for my time in the sun.

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Spring Beauty Refresh ~ 5 Products I Adore

I’m a bit shit at skincare most of the time, to be honest. My laziness shocks even me and the amount of time I’ve gone to bed with a face full of make-up purely because I can’t be bothered to walk to the bathroom is alarming.

But I’ve been slowly getting more in to it recently – taking the time to note my cleansers from my toners, finding a moisturiser that I like and scrubbing like crazy in the shower. My skin has felt a lot healthier aside from the odd hormonal break out and I love discovering all these new brands.

Just to clarify, I don’t know that much about the science of skincare but I am v good at putting all my money into the pockets of the people who own Boots. I love reading beauty blogs like Laurzrah but I just fancied throwing my ‘hi I know nothing’ card into the mix.

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