10 Little Things #26

Whilst editing this post it did occur to me how much TV is involved in this post. Somebody has clearly had a wild week. University does equal Netflix in my book and the addition of a TV to my room has only made this even stronger.

I have been doing other things too ~ I went to a flat party, had a night out with friends, celebrated Tori’s birthday and actual university work. All of my classes seem super interesting this semester which is always a relief and the coursework load is definitely lighter as I’ve got exams at the end of the semester.

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Recently Reading

Everyone! It is the first Recently Reading of 2018! I was a bit rubbish at reading last year but I’ve finally joined the GoodReads club, have set a reading goal and polished off my first book of the year. Reading is one of my ultimate escapes and I’ve been lucky that in the last months of 2017 I got a few books to review, one of which is included in this round up.

For 2018 I want to read lots. I want to escape in fantasy worlds, make use of my Kindle and scour charity shops for bargains. I got some gorgeous books for Christmas that I’ll be tootling through shortly but in this roundup we have a mix of thriller, murder mystery, young adult and a cookbook. If you’re looking for your next read of 2018, I got you covered.

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How To Create A Gallery Wall From Scratch

I’ve had my heart set on creating a gallery wall since I used to babysit for some people back when I was fifteen. All up on the wall as you climbed their staircase was an intricate and detailed gallery wall – packed with prints and family photographs. I loved it. It was unique to their home and showed them off as a family ~ photos of them, their style and personality represented on a wall.

And I became obsessed with this concept. Of sticking a tonne of different sized and mismatched prints and photographs in quirky frames onto a wall and standing back to dust one’s hands off whilst staring at what you had made. This didn’t become a feasible concept for me until my parents moved house last summer and I had a whole new room to play around with, one that didn’t have hints of fifteen year old me and her questionable tastes.

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10 Little Things #25

Feeling a little fragile this morning as it was Tori’s birthday last night and I’ve spent this morning browsing my new favourite blog (more on that further down in the post). I’m feeling thankful for being clever and blitzing my room yesterday, changing my bed so I had fresh bed sheets and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

It has been a busy old week as I wanted to see everyone before going back to university. So despite trying to be frugal this month I went out for food four days in a row. And it was amazing. I’m still thinking about the calamari I had on Thursday night.

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9 Things That I Got For Christmas That You Might Love Too

I know these posts are a bit of a hot topic at the moment and there is plenty of debate on my Twitter feed about them but I love them so fuck it, I’m posting one. I love seeing what people get for Christmas/birthdays ~ it is like an insight into their life and I find them great for finding gift inspiration for my own loved ones.

I suppose if it was one big post featuring gifts from the likes of Gucci, Chanel and Kate Spade I would sod it off and not bother with reading it. But don’t worry pals, I haven’t miraculously won the lottery overnight or am a secret millionaire, so this one isn’t like that.

There is a bit of a ~ cooking theme ~ as well, my parents and sister clocked on that I love throwing things in a pan and following a recipe and hunting around Lidl for a pretentious item. And hot sauce, I love hot sauce.

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