It’s Christmas

It’s Christmas


I absolutely adore Christmas and at some point in October, I got quite excited by the whole idea of vlogmas whilst watching all of Zoella’s and Tanya Burr’s 2015 vlogs so this year I decided to make it my mission to take part in the blogging equivalent, “blogmas”.


I am going to try my absolute hardest to post a blog post (and keep them Christmas themed) every single day til the big day itself. I’ve been planning this since October so I hope you guys enjoy it!

Christmas is my favourite time of year and I’m extra excited for this year for some reason, I honestly think it’s because I’m getting older so more and more is going on!

Unfortunately, due to the woes of being a student, I do have two exams during this period (but that also means study leave to write blog posts in!) so yeah, bear with me whilst I get those pesky little things out of the way.

So now that I have explained blogmas, what am I most excited for during the festive period?

Christmas shopping. Because shopping.

All the food. Obviously.

Daft Friday.

Decorating my Christmas tree.

Wearing my Christmas jumper.

Christmas this year just feels more alive and exciting than usual due to lots going on so posts you can expect in the next week include THEE best Christmas cocktail recipe, a gift guide for your good old Dad and a decorations haul!

Let’s have an awesome festive period everyone!

B L O G M A S  O N E

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