December Beauty Haul

December Beauty Haul

At the beginning of December, I had a few stern words with myself about my spending habits.

It’s getting disgraceful.

I have all my Christmas presents so I shouldn’t really be spending any more money on gifts. I definitely shouldn’t be buying anything else for myself.

I recently had to shell out on a new laptop because my other one gave up just as my portfolio was due and revision season was upon on us, but alas, since getting paid and being semi-ok at saving this year, I have managed to sneak a few buys in.

I’m the worst I know.

My sister came up for a weekend at the beginning of December and we went into the city centre on the Saturday to do some shopping (you can read all the deets on that weekend over here) and I was insistent the only thing I would buy was my secret Santa present.

Haha, nope.

That little plan didn’t work. Instead I bought all of this.

And then more.

I was supposed to be revising one Thursday morning when I had this burning desire to go and buy flowers because treat yo’self and to go to Boots and get the anti-frizz serum my hair has been needing since day one. I then got a bit distracted by the Soap & Glory counter. My bad.

T H E  H A U L 

Sleek Make-Up Eyebrow Stylist in Dark £6.49

My trusty Rimmel pencil gave up a few days earlier and I was using an old product from Maybelline which I didn’t really like. As the Christmas season is well and truly in swing and I don’t want to go around with even worse looking eyebrows than usual.

So I bought this whilst browsing in Boots and so far, I like it. The shade is perfect for my eyebrows and the tool is really useful and easy to use, even if you are a total amateur like me.

Natural Collection Nail Polish in Black Cherry £1.99

Out of everything I bought, I probably didn’t need this.

But my nails at the moment are disgusting, I just haven’t had time to paint them and they are bright red/pink shade. Not very Christmassy at all tbh.

I wanted a new shade and this red glittery friend seemed like fun.

Collection Primed and Ready Primer in Cool Rose £3.99

My skin at the moment is not very fun and it is making me feel a bit rubbish so if anyone has any suggestions to help improve it (bad break-outs, not silky smooth at all), hit me up!

I’ve been looking for a primer to hold my make-up on for longer, especially with Daft Friday happening soon (when this post goes up, it’ll be in three days time eek). As I was feeling a bit poor, I tried this one from Collection and so far, it’s doing ok.

The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid in Sicily Iris £6

I’ve been wanting a new lipstick that wasn’t dark red or bright red for a wee while. I had originally been wanting Heroine by MAC because I’ve seen it on Instagram and man, it looks divine.

But it also costs like £15 which, lol, I don’t have to spend on a lipstick.

I saw this shade from The Body Shop on their Instagram and uhmmed-and-ahhed about it for ages. I decided that when my sister came up to visit, I would go and take a look and perhaps buy it. But then I broke my laptop and had to buy a new one, so that became a pipe-dream. But because I have no self control and had a treat myself attitude because Louise was in town, we went along to The Body Shop so I could see it and BAM I loved it.

And it was only £6!

Rude not too really. It’s a great formula, it’s a matte lipstick and it’s a divine shade of purple. Exciting.

Primark Tanning Mit £3

To match the purchase below. Similar to most cheap tanning mits. Enough said.

Primark Bronze Self Tan Mousse £3

This was a spur of the moment, in the queue, do I really need this purchase. Lolz. It’ll probably be rubbish but I thought I’d give it a spin. I’ll let you know my thoughts later.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Original Serum £6.99 

Since dying my hair back in July, my blonde locks which I imagined would look flawless instead often look like loofa imo due to the uncontrollable frizziness that occurs after washing it.

Ugh, it really is the worst first-world-problem.

My mum suggested getting a anti-frizz serum when I first complained about it but it has taken until now for me to do so. On top of my game and all that. Hopefully it’ll solve my frizziness woes.

Soap & Glory Kick Into Neutral Eye-Shadow Palette £12 

I bought this in conjunction with something else to get the gift package I’m going to ramble about below. I can’t show the other thing because I bought it as a Christmas product, soz.

Anyway hello sexy palette.

I haven’t bought an eye-shadow palette since about 2014 as I always receive them for Christmas and I’m not much of an eye-shadow guru so they felt like a bit of a waste of money.

Although I would love love love an Urban Decay one. One day I’ll pluck up the courage and buy one.

But this palette just looked so good, has so many nice shades and I’m excited to put it to use for Daft Friday.

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker in Plumble 

Ok so I’m really dumb and materialistic and I got sucked into buying a deal. Soap & Glory in Boots were offering a gift package of three items if you spent more than £15 on Soap & Glory products in one go. You can see where this going yeah?

So I was sucked into this because oooh it was worth £23 etc. like the idiot I am and this one of the products inside. It’s a limited edition shade but I’ve heard really good things about this lip gloss so I’m excited to give it a whirl.

But it’ll probably collect dust for the rest of the year with the rest of lipsticks I own bar the two I mostly wear (NYX Turnt Up in Flutter Kiss and Kate Moss for Rimmel in shade 107 fyi).

Collection Primed & Ready Eye-Shadow Primer £4.99 

The whole reason I ended up at the Soap & Glory counter is because I was searching for their version of an eyeshadow primer which had a-m-a-z-i-n-g reviews online but was sold out so instead I went for this Collection champ.

The real test of this product will be Daft Friday but I’m hoping it will at least prevent my eye-shadow gathering in the bags of my eyes just as I arrive at the GUU.

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara 

My current (and only) mascara is a cheapie from Barry M so I was quite excited to get involved with this one when I opened the gift package. It has a really good brush and I think I’ll get a lot of use out of it.

Soap & Glory Glow All Out Highlighting Stick 

I have another one of these from Barry M which I use almost everyday so when this was included in the gift package, I was even more excited to purchase it. Hopefully it’ll make me look like I have facial definition instead of my usual satellite-dish go to.

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