4 Sassy Winter Lipsticks

4 Sassy Winter Lipsticks

Lipsticks are so much fun.

Especially at Christmas time when you can wear a dark red lipstick with almost errythang. Even your pyjamas.

I’m not saying you can’t look like a bucket of sass every other month of the year but at Christmas, berry toned lips just look *insert the flamenco dancing lady here*.

I’ve gone from having about two lipsticks in the last few months to having about ten at any one given time which is a bit of a success for me as I lose lipsticks like an eight year old loses teeth.

I’m tying this post whilst watching Love Actually on one wild night in November when all my friends are out a gig/or a club and I’m being a boring Betty. But a boring Betty who just found a Kate Moss lipstick for Rimmel in the exact same shade of red as the MAC one which got lost in Viper.


Anyhoo, here is four lipsticks which are definitely worthy of your attention this December. And the rest of 2017. Be a bucket of sass and wear the red lipstick.

1. L’Oreal Colour Riche in Velvet Robe 

I bought this back in Schiffol Airport in 2015 when I was getting all flustered by the expensive lipsticks and bought this one which cost me about 12 euros. It initially looks a bit pinky but DO NOT BE FOOLED.

This is the darkest, deepest, reddest red once applied. It’s so mysterious. Due to it’s intensity, I was bit *too* scared to wear it because I thought it would make me look dumb.

Some people would probably say it does make me look dumb but whatevs, I like it.

This is the lipstick for all your Christmas parties. I promise ya.

2. Collection Volume Sensation in Grape Glitz 

The pinky edition to the Christmas lipstick collection.

This lipstick is cheap as chips and I’m not 100% sure it’s still available in the exact same shade. But this one here is similar.

I like this lipstick because it’s a great formula and such a good colour. I love the pinkness of it because it’s a great alternative to all the strong reds floating around but you still slay in it.

Well, I like to think I do.

3. Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in Shade 107

My absolute favourite out of all of these.

Man it is pretty.

As with all of Kate Moss’ lipsticks for Rimmel, it is a GREAT formula. It looks so much more expensive than it is and doesn’t dry your lips out.

I wear this one all the time as it doesn’t feel as bold and dark as the L’Oreal one. It goes with everything and man, does it rock.

4. No7 Sheer Temptation in Entice

When I first bought this lipstick (it was part of my October Fashion & Beauty Haul which you can read here if ya want), I “ummed” and “ahhhed” about it for a wee while.

But it’s warmed to me.

It’s not as bold as any of the other lipsticks, no way hooray. At first, the lack of intensity really disappointed me because the general colour of it makes it look like it’ll be a lot brighter but really it’s just really shiny.

I like it because of that disappointment. In comparison to all the other shades on here, it’s a good alternative when you still wanna look bomb but don’t feel like making sure you don’t actually get bright red lipstick on your chin all day long.

Sometimes we don’t have time for that extra level of stress.

This gal is your gal.

B L O G M A S   S E V E N T E E N

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