My Big Girl Coat

My Big Girl Coat

I’ve owned this coat since the 5th of December and I am in love with it.

It’s my big girl coat. My grown up coat. My hi-please-take-me-semi-seriously-coat.

And it’s camel and I’ve never owned a camel coloured coat before so that’s pretty darn exciting. Plus it feels like I’m wearing my dressing gown so massive thumbs up for that box getting the old tick.

But yeah. This coat.

It’s from New Look and I got it for £26.99 with my student discount AND the big sexy 25% New Look were running off all coats at the time. So it really was a steal and I would have even paid for £39.99 for it (original price) because it is worth it. It feels super expensive and it is cosy and I think I look kinda swish in it.

As well as camel, it also comes in a plethora of other colours which is exciting. I *almost* bought it in grey but my inner basic bitch came out and cried for camel so we went with it but the grey one was pretty divine too.

It will definitely be coming to Prague with me and I can imagine it will get to lurk in my wardrobe for a few more years yet.

B L O G M A S   S E V E N T E E N

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