The BEST Christmas Cocktail Recipe

The BEST Christmas Cocktail Recipe

Ok so I’ve gotten as far as day two despite typing this up very early on a Friday morning before I start the real stuff, dreaded revision.

Last night I had a lil food and tree decorating get-together with some of my friends and it was good. A nice little break before exams come and take away our dreams.

We had a range of yummy stuff from a Camembert that went very badly wrong in the oven and sausage rolls to mulled wine and Bucks Fizz. Everything you could really ask for.

I’ve been wanting to do a Christmas “cocktail” since watching Tanya Burr’s vlogmas 2015 where she had her Christmas party and they had the cocktail bar with about five amazing drinks?

Well I’m not quite in the position to do something like that so I had to make do with this instead.

I found the recipe on good old basic bitch classic, Pinterest and it was so easy to make so I definitely recommend if you have a few people coming over and you want to do something easy but still fun.

Appletiser & Gin Cocktails

(I used Gordon’s)


Cranberry Juice
(to use as ice cubes)

A slice of lime

A slice of apple

A dusting of cinnamon on the top
(the recipe used cinnamon sticks but they are so expensive)

Just do a measure of gin (or two), top it up with Appetiser and then add in your ice, apple and lime and shake some cinnamon on the top and give it stir.

So there we have it. A super easy but tasty and Christmassy cocktail. If anyone has other fun cocktail recipes to try at this time of year, leave them in the comments!

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