Christmas On Byres Road

Christmas On Byres Road

Procrastinating from uni work is one of my favourite things to do and despite having a portfolio due for the 2nd of December, I decided to take a couple of hours off from stress crying and pretending to do work.

I first saw the Christmas on Byres Road event on Facebook at the beginning of November and immediately texted Emma to ask if she wanted to go.

We both love Christmas so having a cute lil market and a day of shooting blog photos handed to us on a plate seemed like a hella fun day out.

I was not wrong.

We met in the afternoon outside Starbucks where I treated myself to a fudge hot chocolate bcos yo it’s Sunday treat yo’self (I need to quit this attitude) and then headed up to check the market out.

It was a little disappointing in size and I would have LOVED to have seen a couple of food vendors as I was starving but aside from that, it was pretty cute.

They had carol singers up on the stage when we arrived which made me feel super Christmassy but then they sang a song in Georgian which was nice but it didn’t work my vibe as much.

We then tootled off down Byres Road to check out Oliver Bonas (the best shop in da world) and then smooched around Ashton and Creswell Lanes.

I was hungry (naturally) so we ended up in Nardini’s for some food and then tootled off down Ruthven Mews for an impromptu photo shoot.

The weather was a lot warmer today than it has been recently so it was nice to go out not looking like the Michelin man. A real change.

It was starting to get duller so we headed off back to the market and into the Hillhead Book Club to look around the vintage fair. I saw a couple of really nice prints that I would have loved to have treated myself too but I didn’t have any cash on me.

We also stopped by Papyrus which is one of my favourite shops in Glasgow and they had a lot of lovely stuff. I particularly liked all the pouches with slogans on them but I did end up treating myself to a little notebook with “Goal Digger” written onto it.

This notebook just called to me. I love the colour but I love the slogan even more. It is so empowering and makes me feel like a girl boss. Even though I ain’t one, it’s nice to try.

Here’s to feeling sassy girls!

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