6 Things I’m Crushing On Style Wise

I’m currently going through that phase where I hate everything in my wardrobe. I’m at a bit of a loss of what my ‘style’ is in the sunnier months (despite declaring 2018 my year of living stylishly) and would quite happily mooch about in sweatpants and flip-flops for the rest of eternity.

Today I sat my final university exam for third year so it is officially summer in my eyes now kids. I’m heading off on my holidays on Wednesday to beautiful Amsterdam and Sweden and whilst I won’t have any new clothes in my suitcase as I’m so skint, a girl can dream right?

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Spring Beauty Refresh ~ 5 Products I Adore

I’m a bit shit at skincare most of the time, to be honest. My laziness shocks even me and the amount of time I’ve gone to bed with a face full of make-up purely because I can’t be bothered to walk to the bathroom is alarming.

But I’ve been slowly getting more in to it recently – taking the time to note my cleansers from my toners, finding a moisturiser that I like and scrubbing like crazy in the shower. My skin has felt a lot healthier aside from the odd hormonal break out and I love discovering all these new brands.

Just to clarify, I don’t know that much about the science of skincare but I am v good at putting all my money into the pockets of the people who own Boots. I love reading beauty blogs likeĀ Laurzrah but I just fancied throwing my ‘hi I know nothing’ card into the mix.

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My Ibiza Wish List

I’m typing this up on and making the edits on the 28th of February. Tomorrow is the first of March. And today, Glasgow has been utterly obliterated by the Beast of the East. We’ve been sledging on a plastic lid and IKEA bags whilst Rachel tried to kill herself by going down a hill in Kelvingrove Park in her inflatable duck.

In an effort to make myself feel a bit more summery whilst there is a snowstorm blowing outside, I decided to work on a wish list for Ibiza. I can’t really afford to buy any new clothes so only gonna treat myself to maybe a bag, midi dress and some sandals but a girl can dream yes?

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Beauty Products I Have My Eye On For Spring

I’ve become a bit of a beauty fan this year, choosing instead to spend my money on beauty products as opposed to falling into ASOS head first. Don’t get me wrong, I would still quite happily fall into ASOS but in an attempt to be savvier with money I’m trying not to spend my money on clothes that I’ll never wear, I’ve been looking to check out some body care shops for wonder products.

Spring is one of my favourite times of year. I adore the summer months so spring is the perfect warm up and I’m heading to Ibiza at the beginning of April which is the perfect excuse to stock up on some bits and try out some new ones.

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How I Want To Explore My Personal Style In 2018

One of my mottos for 2018 is that it would be the year of living stylishly. That I would get over my fears of wearing certain things because they would make me look fat or they were too out there. That I would simply just say yes to absolutely everything and anything.

This has not yet materialised. That might be because I’m skint but it is more likely to be that I still haven’t gotten to grips with this confidence malarkey. That and the fact I rotate my wardrobe around hoodies, trainers and gym leggings. I also never really go anywhere so feel a bit of a tit dressed to the nines for the solitary hour of class I have on a Monday.

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