Beauty Products I Have My Eye On For Spring

I’ve become a bit of a beauty fan this year, choosing instead to spend my money on beauty products as opposed to falling into ASOS head first. Don’t get me wrong, I would still quite happily fall into ASOS but in an attempt to be savvier with money I’m trying not to spend my money on clothes that I’ll never wear, I’ve been looking to check out some body care shops for wonder products.

Spring is one of my favourite times of year. I adore the summer months so spring is the perfect warm up and I’m heading to Ibiza at the beginning of April which is the perfect excuse to stock up on some bits and try out some new ones.

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How I Want To Explore My Personal Style In 2018

One of my mottos for 2018 is that it would be the year of living stylishly. That I would get over my fears of wearing certain things because they would make me look fat or they were too out there. That I would simply just say yes to absolutely everything and anything.

This has not yet materialised. That might be because I’m skint but it is more likely to be that I still haven’t gotten to grips with this confidence malarkey. That and the fact I rotate my wardrobe around hoodies, trainers and gym leggings. I also never really go anywhere so feel a bit of a tit dressed to the nines for the solitary hour of class I have on a Monday.

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2018 ~ My Year Of Living Stylishly

You might be looking at these photos in this post and be like babe, you are not achieving this. And to you I reply, jog on. Fashion and styling has been one of my biggest passions for years. I would play dress up – from my dressing up box to my mother’s closet. To fashion shows after a shopping trip for my parents to sharing my style with my friends on shopping trips.

When I discovered blogging back in mid 2014 when I stumbled across the queen that is Hannah Gale, I found a whole new way to consume fashion. I didn’t need to flick through Vogue absentmindedly anymore, not caring about high end fashion so far out of my reach I couldn’t even see it. I could see personal style and fashion that I related to on my computer screen. And it was amazing.  View Full Post

Writer’s Block Sucks – & This Is How I Deal With It

Writer’s block can be really shit – especially when your ultimate escape route is writing. My blog is easily one of the most enjoyable things in my life – it is definitely one of the things I care about the most. The complete and utter freedom of having total control of the content, the vision and the future is something I thrive of and somewhere I go to to escape. Having the words unable to come is my idea of a literal hell.

I had about three posts to write for the next couple of weeks. With an essay deadline prancing around my shoulder and another hangover day (swear I’m not an alcoholic, just a student who has partied too much recently), it was the perfect day to smash out some blog posts.

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A Birthday Wish List

The time has come, I’m about to turn another year older. I’m finally saying goodbye to my teenage years and entering the next decade of my life ~ what the actual flippity, flipping hell. I though I’d whip together a wish list of all the things I kinda fancy for my birthday and might treat myself too because it’s my birthday.

It gives me an excuse to trawl the likes of ASOS, Urban Outfitters and Etsy for all the pretty things because I’m a bit of a magpie and like shiny things. Urban Outfitters is probably my favourite shop right now for everything ~ fashion, accessories and interiors and everything in that store sings to me.

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