33 Things To Add To Your Basket In 2018

2018 would be the year I am more daring with my personal style, if I had more money. I am currently living on the tightest of tight budgets (well trying too, keep accidentally falling into Nando’s) so all of these dreamy things are planted firmly on my wish list.

As much as I love wrapping up in a huge coat accompanied by a cosy jumper, boots, scarves and hats (oh god hats, live for the hats), I’m excited to have a life without tights again and move onto sunnier styles. I’ve included a couple of borg jackets in this wish list as Chloe Plumstead made them look oh-so-dreamy on her blog and Instagram. But can we say a big fucking hello to the polka dot dress and the return of the bardot neckline, especially in that dreamy Topshop number?

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My Favourite Beauty Bits Of 2017

Whilst I’m still quite appalling at make-up and in desperate need of a new mascara and foundation, I think I found my feet in the skincare world this year. My skin really played up in the summer due to stress and hormones which had a huge knock on effect to my already unstable confidence.

Which was a real bundle 0f laughs.

I’ve always prided myself on having ‘clear’ skin so having this comfort blanket taken away from me was pretty horrid and having a club of spots on my face was not helping.

So the point is: when my method of doing nothing failed me, I jumped in the other end and decided to treat myself to some new bits and sort myself out. I’ve had lots of fun checking out new brands from Your Good Skin to Glossier to Fudge and I’ve finally got a beauty routine that suits me down to a tee.

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16 Things I’m Crushing On This Christmas

I really love festive style as I die for velvet, sequins and anything that looks a little extra. Anything for the festive season will always be a winner with me. I’ve been wanting to make a festive wish list for a little while and adding bits and pieces to my ASOS saved items. I haven’t plucked up the courage to order a pair of paper bag trousers yet but I am loving them, Chloe Plumstead always looks killer in them on Instagram.

Out of this wish list my absolute favourite is the green velvet suit from Monsoon. Crikey, it is gorgeous. I wish I lived the lifestyle where a green velvet suit was a necessary but I think my sister would haemorrhage if she saw me in it. As I’ve mentioned I’ve also love the paper bag trousers, especially the velvet pair and the tassel earrings from Mango as you cannot go wrong with tassel earrings. Oh and the tarot print dress. A smock dress with tarot on it, like hello? Have we met?

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The #28DayChallenge – And What I Learnt

I’ve successfully completed the #28DayChallenge which was set by Your Good Skin 28ish days ago, which was all about thinking about your skincare, so can I have a round of applause please and thanks?

When I first wrote about taking them up on this challenge, I admitted that I am a tad awful at sticking with things and I’m dreadfully lazy when it comes to looking after my skin but here we are, 28 days later, on top of it all and moisturising every night.

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Changing My Approach To Skincare – With Your Good Skin’s #28DayChallenge

I’m a bit shit at skincare tbh. I have all the bits and bobs but the minute I sit down in my bed at 8.30pm to tuck into another episode of The Blacklist, it’s a struggle getting back up to brush my teeth let alone mess around with some skincare products for 10 minutes.

And as a result, I’m not overly happy with my skin. I complain about redness all the blinkin’ time and thanks to a horrific breakout I had over the summer, I’ve got quite a few scars from spots as well as new spots popping up all the time. It doesn’t make for a confidence booster. But I know, as long as I sit on my arse about it, nothing is going to happen.

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