7 Summer Beauty Bits I’m Coveting This July

I would never ever call myself a beauty blogger because I’m not, I’m far from one. I just like make-up and I share what I like on The Monday Project. Make-up can be a little bit tricky in the summer because it can quite literally just melt of your face. When I was in the USA for a very brief period of time I didn’t take much make-up with me as I knew it would be hot and I was very satisfied with the choices I did make as I think they complimented my skin in the sunshine perfectly.

When I got back to the UK, it was experiencing it’s own mini heatwave. Whilst the heatwave seems to have passed on, we can all live in hope it will return and prepare ourselves suitably. A lot of this make-up isn’t new as I don’t really spend a lot of money on make-up, I’m not one for new releases if I can’t afford them. And since coming back from the US, I’ve been skint.

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Six Summer Style Essentials You Need In 2017

Style posts aren’t always my go to. I, on occasion, am a big fan of my own personal style but on other days I just want to completely bin my wardrobe and start again because I hate everything. It’s no secret that I lack self confidence due to the way I think I look but this summer, I’m vowing things to be different. I’m hoping to finally get a grip of my weight and what I’m eating this summer but that story is for another post.

The heat can be a bit of menace if you are on the chunky side like me. Chafing is the devil’s work, denim shorts are my arch nemesis and the heat makes me sweat in places I didn’t even know possible. Overshare? As I’m now spending this summer in the UK where the weather fluctuates between freezing cold, bracing winds and melting hot, it can be a little bit difficult to predict what you need and when.

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An Opportunity To Wear White

I wish I could do more style related pieces on this blog but a) no photographer for the most part b) I am ridiculous at posing and c) I wear the same thing on repeat 98% of the time. It is a small miracle when someone takes a picture of me and I do not hate it so these photographs are something to be treasured in my book.

I’m not that happy with the way I look – that isn’t exactly a small secret. This is something I really want to make a change on this summer as it is something that has been bothering me for a very long time. But it felt really good to dress up for once, to put on some heels and a pretty dress.

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3 Essie Shades For Summer

Okay so you got me, these are the only three Essie shades this gal owns. So perhaps this isn’t the most tried and tested post in the world and believe me, there are loads of gorgeous Essie shades I could devour and maybe you shouldn’t take this post as your only piece of research before dipping into your bank balance. BUT I can assure you that a lot of time was spent in numerous Boots stores across Scotland and on the web to find the ones.

Y’know, the ones are colours you are genuinely excited about. The ones you can’t wait to paint your nails with and not those ones that sit at the back of a cupboard, bottom of a drawer or in a forgotten make-up bag. I was very excited (and still am!) about these three and I think they will be frequenting my nails for a v long time.

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