7 Summer Beauty Bits I’m Coveting This July

I would never ever call myself a beauty blogger because I’m not, I’m far from one. I just like make-up and I share what I like on The Monday Project. Make-up can be a little bit tricky in the summer because it can quite literally just melt of your face. When I was in the … Continue Reading

3 Essie Shades For Summer

Okay so you got me, these are the only three Essie shades this gal owns. So perhaps this isn’t the most tried and tested post in the world and believe me, there are loads of gorgeous Essie shades I could devour and maybe you shouldn’t take this post as your only piece of research before … Continue Reading

A Lil Beauty Update

I’ve been really trying to up my skincare game this year because my skin is gross and horrible and I spend 2488 minutes moaning about it. The weather is a little grim today, I’m sitting in my bed and my Classics work is staring at me in the face as if to say “HELLO REMEMBER … Continue Reading

Five Of My Favourite Christmas Presents

I “ummed and ahhhed” about this because, who actually gives a toss about what I got for Christmas? Not many people probs but I always find posts like this super helpful when you are in need of some gift inspiration and all my friends and family seem to rock as choosing gifts. Christmas is one … Continue Reading

7 Beauty Products To Try In 2017

As a few of you *might* of gathered, I had a bit of a beauty melt-down at the end of 2016 and ended up shelling out on practically a whole new make-up bag. Sorry bank balance. I kind of just had a bit of a crisis where I hated everything about my body and my … Continue Reading