11 Bloggers You Should Be Following

I was having a scroll down Instagram the other day and I realised I was following a lot of bloggers who are really fucking good. People whose blogs (and instagram feeds) I covet a lot. People whose advice on the internet I listen to, who have realistic (and fantastic) fashion and beauty advice, who share homeware buys and travel adventures I realistically could do myself (unfortunately this gal ain’t got no budget for The Maldives) and whose writing I genuinely enjoy reading. They could be chatting about their favourite type of cereal and I would still take note.

Y’know, those gals. As finding blogs can be a teeny bit tricky sometimes because if like me, you can’t always be bothered with Bloglovin. I find the Facebook groups I’m a member of to do with blogging are ace for finding new bloggers but as you often have to have a blog to be a part of these, it ain’t the best for everyone.

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A Summer Of Blogging

Holy smokes September where did you come from?

I can’t quite believe that summer is actually over. I move back to Glasgow for second year on Thursday and I just feel as if the summer has flown by. I’m writing this post whilst binge-watching NCIS on 5USA so I might regain some sort of a social life hopefully when I move back to the city! I do this ritual almost everyday after work which is a bit sad but work this summer has just been so so so hectic so it’s kind of the only thing I do to totally chill.

But this summer has been awesome. And it’s been a bit different to the other seventeen summers I’ve seen in my years. It’s been a summer of change, growing up, being more confident and feeling good and in a small way, it’s been a summer of blogging.

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My Favourite Bloggers Of 2016

So I know it’s supposed to be December at the end of the year when you reflect on everything etc etc (did you see how many TV shows there about the “best bits”?!) but because I didn’t start blogging again until the 1st, I’m sliding this post in now.

I’ve been reading blogs since abut the second half of 2014 but I’ve been reading them non-stop throughout all of 2015. Sometimes I can find magazines a little boring, samey-samey and just too polished for my liking so blogs in my opinion have filled that sassy little gap. I’m an avid user of Bloglovin (and you should all download it too if blogs are your thing) and I subscribe to a few of my favourite bloggers so I’m up-to-date on their posts. So here’s my top five gals of 2015.

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8 Blogs I Always Always Always Read

I honestly don’t know what I did with my time before I discovered blogs and blogging. I mean srsly, WHAT DID I DO. Now I am constantly refreshing Bloglovin to see if they are any updates on my favourite blogs and an email in my inbox from my Hannah Gale subscription is the highlight of my day. I’m always telling my friends about something I read in a post, or searching an online store that was recommended by a blogger or picking up something in Boots which I heard about through a blog. Teeny bit sad I know.

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Six Of My Favourite Instagram Accounts

Instagram. Let’s talk about it. Three of my friends don’t have this babin’ little munchkin and all I can think is “what? how? why?” Me on the other hand, I’m an avid insta user, it’s by far my favourite social media app. Yes even more so than Twitter. Whilst I don’t have the most followers/likes in the world, I love being able to share important things from my life, whether that be a piece of cake from a cafe or an amazing view from a walk. Instagram is amazing because it allows you to find almost anywhere in the world and appreciate it from so many angles.

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