Before You Let The Sun In

In amongst the buzz of exams at the moment and trying to balance out other aspects of life such as socialising (hehe), exercise and blog work my reading has fallen a little bit to the side. But Before You Let The Sun In* has slipped into my routine perfectly and let me explain why.

Before You Let The Sun In by Ian Robertson and Katerina Couroucli-Robertson is a fascinating read. It documents ten individuals and their stories in therapy – featuring their problems, their stories and the resolutions that come to be. It is super insightful into the relationship between a therapist and a patient and the book is perfectly written to highlight that relationship.

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4 Poolside Reads To Pack In Your Suitcase

My favourite thing about holidays is having the excuse to do absolutely bloody nothing. I do that most of the time anyway but then end up feeling guilty for y’know, not getting on with my life. Ibiza provided to the perfect excuse to forget about everything for a few days and completely relax. I’m into that.

I never read much during the semesters as I’m usually bogged down in academic texts for my modules or watching Netflix on a procrastination binge. I’m an avid reader and can easily finish a book in a few hours so I made sure I packed ample for my time in the sun.

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Recently Reading

I’ve been slowing plodding through a number of titles since 2018 started and whilst I haven’t quite read as much as I would have liked, I’m doing okay. I’m heading to Ibiza in about ten days so I’m excited to pack my suitcase filled with books to tide me over the holiday. Two books I’ve been saving especially for this are Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine and How To Stop Time.

Books this year have been a real mixed bag so in this edition of Recently Reading we have some Scandinavian inspiration, a thriller and a living well book. One book I would really, really recommend is Real Nordic Living as it is the most beautiful of books and made me so excited for potentially visiting Sweden this May.

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7 Books You Can Completely Escape With

I’m a sucker for a book that completely removes you from your life. One that you can be enamoured with, totally lose yourself in and completely escape with. I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember so I’ve read my fair share and one genre I keep returning to, not matter what age I am, is books that flirt with the supernatural/fantasy/history and the deepest of mysteries.

Sounds like your cup of tea? All of the books on this list I’ve read at least twice and I will read anything these authors throw in my direction. Finding a book that you can have a genuine connection with and find that others love too can be quite tricky but I think these books will allow you to totally escape whilst make excellent discussion points.

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5 Thrillers To Read If You Loved The Girl On The Train

I love a thriller. Recently I would say they have become one of my favourite genres, and aside from ‘coffee table books’, the ones I’m most likely to hunt out in Waterstones. In fact, as I’m typing this, I’ve just purchased The Couple Next Door to sink my teeth into next. The first thriller I really came into contact with was The Girl On The Train – and well, that opened up a bit of an obsession for a fast-paced and confusing read.

The Girl On The Train was captivating and I finished it one night because I needed to know what had happened. I was completely compelled by it and eagerly devoured all the knowledge Paula Hawkins fed me throughout. Since completion, I’ve been hunting for the perfect successor and I think I’ve found five very worthy competitors in the thriller category.

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