7 Books You Can Completely Escape With

I’m a sucker for a book that completely removes you from your life. One that you can be enamoured with, totally lose yourself in and completely escape with. I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember so I’ve read my fair share and one genre I keep returning to, not matter what age I am, is books that flirt with the supernatural/fantasy/history and the deepest of mysteries.

Sounds like your cup of tea? All of the books on this list I’ve read at least twice and I will read anything these authors throw in my direction. Finding a book that you can have a genuine connection with and find that others love too can be quite tricky but I think these books will allow you to totally escape whilst make excellent discussion points.

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5 Thrillers To Read If You Loved The Girl On The Train

I love a thriller. Recently I would say they have become one of my favourite genres, and aside from ‘coffee table books’, the ones I’m most likely to hunt out in Waterstones. In fact, as I’m typing this, I’ve just purchased The Couple Next Door to sink my teeth into next. The first thriller I really came into contact with was The Girl On The Train – and well, that opened up a bit of an obsession for a fast-paced and confusing read.

The Girl On The Train was captivating and I finished it one night because I needed to know what had happened. I was completely compelled by it and eagerly devoured all the knowledge Paula Hawkins fed me throughout. Since completion, I’ve been hunting for the perfect successor and I think I’ve found five very worthy competitors in the thriller category.

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The Ascension Of Melanie Winters

From the age of 12 till about 16, I exclusively read science fiction & supernatural novels. It started with the Twilight books that took my generation by a storm and I fell into a hole of stories filled with the most magical and crazy things that would never happen in real life.

I’m still yet to meet a sparkling vampire who only drinks animal blood and can read my mind, but like, whatever. As I’ve grown older my reading tastes have grown into a love for thrillers, deep mysteries and non-fiction collections but that doesn’t mean I ignore my reading bug roots and forget all about the science fiction genre.

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A Birthday Wish List

The time has come, I’m about to turn another year older. I’m finally saying goodbye to my teenage years and entering the next decade of my life ~ what the actual flippity, flipping hell. I though I’d whip together a wish list of all the things I kinda fancy for my birthday and might treat myself too because it’s my birthday.

It gives me an excuse to trawl the likes of ASOS, Urban Outfitters and Etsy for all the pretty things because I’m a bit of a magpie and like shiny things. Urban Outfitters is probably my favourite shop right now for everything ~ fashion, accessories and interiors and everything in that store sings to me.

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The Reason You’re Alive

One of my new years resolutions (there are several) is to read more. I love reading and I still do read quite a lot compared to a lot of people my age. However I want to break out of the bad habit of screens until bedtime and not reading due to academic guilt and to simply read a little bit before I go to bed.

I had this intention all well and good, ticking through Get Your Sh*t Together and Eat Pretty, Live Well until I came to The Reason You’re Alive. I started it at ten o’clock and finished it two hours later. So much for reading a little bit for bed?

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