Learning Not To Be So Hard On Myself

After meeting up with a couple of friends at end of the summer, one whom I hadn’t seen in about six months, she remarked that I was still really hard on myself, after chatting about our summers and our plans for the following year.

At the time, I didn’t think much about it, I didn’t think I was hard on myself, in fact I found my response to my own endeavours as natural. Of course I should keep striving to be the best and if I wasn’t going to talk trash to/about myself to keep me going, who was? It was the only way I knew how to keep going.

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A Summer Of Slow Living

I guess I could say I’m trying to cling onto the summer by still wittering on about on here at the end of September. It is October on Sunday, that is most definitely autumn, Hallowe’en is just around the corner and Christmas is on the horizon, so why am I still obsessed with summer?

I learnt a lot about myself this summer, I accepted things, I cherished things, I agreed to disagree with things. I want to take what I learnt forward into the rest of the year to keep feeling the positive effects. One of the biggest changes was my embracement of slow living. Slow living is a phrase I picked up on Instagram due to the numerous hashtags circulating showcasing beautiful pictures of “slow living”.

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Creating “Little” Content This Summer

About six months ago, I didn’t think my summer blog content would be anything like it is now. I thought I would have spent all summer in the USA, seeing the likes of Nashville, New Orleans, Boston, Washington DC and New York. I thought I would be travel blogging, sharing tips from my adventures abroad.

But that isn’t what happened. I didn’t stay in the USA. I came home to a sleepy country village in a sleepy county in the south of Scotland. I no longer had travel plans. I needed to find some sort of employment. Most of my friends were away on their own adventures or far away so my life suddenly felt very rubbish and what would I blog about?

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How I Learnt To Do The Right Thing For Me

Two things have gotten me thinking recently about this summer and what I want out of it. I gave up my summer in the USA to come home. To come home to the sleepy little area where I grew up, to meals cooked by my mum and sharing a car with my dad. I gave up travelling across the states, somewhere I’ve always wanted to spend a lot of time there, of meeting new friends, gaining new experiences.

I said yes to something I wasn’t ready for. I said yes to something I didn’t really want. I said yes to something because I thought it was the way I could follow my dream. In reality, there are lots of different ways I can follow my dreams. Writing down how leaving America felt and explaining why lifted a weight of my chest and I closed that very brief chapter in my life.

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You Are Enough

I’ve compared myself to other people my whole life, through primary school and horse riding competitions, high school and then university. It is something I just can’t help. I’ve always worried about how I look, how I dress, that I’m too fat, not smart enough, not pretty enough, not funny enough, that I don’t smile enough. That I’m not doing the right things to get the career I want or my social life isn’t busy enough or I’m not making enough effort with people or attempting to go on dates or simply that I’m just not doing enough compared to everyone else.

I get stuck in circles of having a little person on my shoulder telling me I should just give up now because really, why am I even bothering when so and so and so and so is already doing it. Sometimes I blink and this feeling is over. Sometimes this feeling lasts for weeks and months and I just dwell on my own self-perceived failures.

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