Recent Bedroom Interior Updates

I’ve already done a feature on my gallery wall but I’ve added quite a few new pieces to my bedroom at home since the previous room tour. Basically I went wild with my Christmas money and spent most of it on new pieces of furniture. Interiors is one of the biggest things I fell in love with in 2017 and being able to explore my own style was been so much fun.

Through hours of Pinterest trawling and devouring my favourite interior blogs (such as Apartment Number 4), I’ve noticed I’ve developed my own interior style. I gravitate towards anything involving a botanical print, the colour green and items with a novelty twist. I like a mix of modern and antique, think a NYC apartment smashed with an Edinburgh townhouse. Interiors are definitely something I want to explore in 2017, I’m going to spruce up my dark hole of a room at university and keep adding to my gallery wall.

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Three Of My Favourite Places To Shop Interiors

Embracing my love of interiors is something I’ve been doing a lot recently. Since my parents moved house in the summer of 2017, I got the chance to add to things into my room, buy the random pieces of furniture, hang the prints on the wall and it was amazing. Since developing my own style and perusing many a Pinterest board, I’ve released I often hone in the same few places to shop interiors.

Buying homeware isn’t always necessarily cheap ~ and there is nothing worse than your fave blogger banging on about ‘affordable’ furniture from West Elm. As dreamy as West Elm is, it is out of range of a lot of our budgets (out of mine certainly), so I’ve turned to other online spots for dreamy interior styles.

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My ~ Dream ~ Bedroom Interior Inspiration

I really loved putting together my ~ dream ~ office interior inspiration (and v useful if I get my own place in the next ten years). One of my favourite things to do is trawl Urban Outfitters and La Redoute sale sections for random pieces – I think I even enjoy it more than trawling ASOS.

Since adding an interiors section to my blog, I’ve been feeling a lot more inspired and excited to write about it. It doesn’t feel as silly or out-of-place, so when the opportunity arose to put together another board of inspiration for a different room in my ‘house’ (I’m telling ya, by the time 2018 draws to a close, I’ll have my whole house planned out for 30 year old me), I took it.  View Full Post

How To Create A Gallery Wall From Scratch

I’ve had my heart set on creating a gallery wall since I used to babysit for some people back when I was fifteen. All up on the wall as you climbed their staircase was an intricate and detailed gallery wall – packed with prints and family photographs. I loved it. It was unique to their home and showed them off as a family ~ photos of them, their style and personality represented on a wall.

And I became obsessed with this concept. Of sticking a tonne of different sized and mismatched prints and photographs in quirky frames onto a wall and standing back to dust one’s hands off whilst staring at what you had made. This didn’t become a feasible concept for me until my parents moved house last summer and I had a whole new room to play around with, one that didn’t have hints of fifteen year old me and her questionable tastes.

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My ~ Dream ~ Office Interior Inspiration

I wish I had a house that I could just fill with things. There is nothing I love more than browsing Home Sense, trawling through Next Home catalogue, clicking through Urban Outfitters ‘Apartment’ section. I can also be found flicking through Ideal Home (would love a subscription to that hun for Christmas) or researching the gorgeous furniture shops Glasgow has to offer. I’m quite a long way off having a place to call my own (I’m a nineteen year old student for reference) but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream.

Or buy lots of random bits of furniture to hold in her parents loft or cram into her bedroom. This may or may not be happening, I can’t commit to anything. I’ve had so much fun with interiors in 2017, with moving into the new house meaning I had a new bedroom to ravage.

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