Updating My Bedroom For Autumn

I bloody love autumn. Any excuse to twirl around the flat in a blanket like a cape. Whilst my student bedroom might not be the prettiest on the eyes (*cough* grotesque curtain *cough* brown carpet, yes a brown carpet), I have been trying my best to keep it feeling ~ stylish ~ and very me like.

Yes, I just kind of called myself stylish. I wish that so-called stylish me could see current me wearing pyjama bottoms and a bright purple sweatshirt, very fashun. But since it is autumn I wanted to spruce things up a little so with a bit of help from TJ Hughes, voila, we have the finished results. I hadn’t heard of TJ Hughes until they got in touch but they are basically a huge discount department store – there is everything and more on their website. I was lucky enough to get to choose a few pieces and smash them together to do my room over for autumn.

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A Huge Homeware Haul & Room Tour

I went shopping the first week I was back in Glasgow to spice up my life and buy lots of lovely new bits from my room. Our flat is a tenement flat and I really wanted to make my room as comfortable and “me” as possible so that it felt like home. Most of the furniture is black which I’m not overly keen on, the wardrobe is a bit rank and I didn’t have a lamp so I was facing a bit of a challenge on my hands.

Having a space I feel safe and happy in is so important to me, I love curling up with a book or binge watching Suits with candles burning and a good blanket. I do that all the time at home so I needed this space to be like that too. Cue a double SAAS loan and a couple of good friends to help carry stuff, I embarked on said quest. I’m gonna do this post by shops as I visited a good few and in case you wanna snap anything up.

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A Little Look Inside My Bedroom

Moving house this summer was a pretty big milestone and I spent the latter half of my university break curating my new bedroom to my tastes. Luckily the walls were already painted an off-white/very light green colour which I love as it is so nice and bright. The carpet was also fairly new and is just plain sand coloured. Whilst I would prefer floorboards and a big fluffy rug, I’m glad it is a carpet that suits me and isn’t going to ruin the look I’m aiming for with the room.

I love being nosy and seeing inside other people’s homes. Not only does it satisfy the nosy Nora inside of me, but it provides inspiration for my own projects. Everyone has different tastes but it is really interesting seeing lots of little bits that inspire you and trying to blend them together to fit you.

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Bringing The Outside In

Bringing the outside in is easily one of my favourite interior trends. Since moving out of the family home for the most part of the year into my own student flat with lovely flatmates, interiors are something I have become to get more and more acquainted with, albeit if it is in a rented flat.

Obviously as I rent I can’t go too wild and start painting walls and as I live with other people, I also can’t go too wild in every single room of the flat. My bedroom however has become a happy little haven. During my second year of university I became a smidge obsessed with buying flowers and plants and making my room as “me” as possible.

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Glasgow Room Tour

I’ve been wanting to do a room tour of my room in my lil Glasgow flat for absolutely ages, but like most things I want to do, I just didn’t because I kept finding other things to do. I love my bedroom here. I’ve rearranged the furniture since we moved in in September as I wanted more floor space and I love the open window with the window sill which faces south. This means when it is sunny (which is more than you would think in Glasgow), the sun shines in all day.

Also, I’m hella nosy and LOVE seeing inside other peoples bags, rooms, closets, you name it.

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