Bringing The Outside In

Bringing the outside in is easily one of my favourite interior trends. Since moving out of the family home for the most part of the year into my own student flat with lovely flatmates, interiors are something I have become to get more and more acquainted with, albeit if it is in a rented flat.

Obviously as I rent I can’t go too wild and start painting walls and as I live with other people, I also can’t go too wild in every single room of the flat. My bedroom however has become a happy little haven. During my second year of university I became a smidge obsessed with buying flowers and plants and making my room as “me” as possible.

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Glasgow Room Tour

I’ve been wanting to do a room tour of my room in my lil Glasgow flat for absolutely ages, but like most things I want to do, I just didn’t because I kept finding other things to do. I love my bedroom here. I’ve rearranged the furniture since we moved in in September as I wanted more floor space and I love the open window with the window sill which faces south. This means when it is sunny (which is more than you would think in Glasgow), the sun shines in all day.

Also, I’m hella nosy and LOVE seeing inside other peoples bags, rooms, closets, you name it.

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10 Etsy Prints To Buy In 2017

Do you ever just think of your bedroom? Or your living room? Or your kitchen? And just think “ugh”.

I can’t wait for the day I have my own flat and I can stick things up on the wall via nails or change the colour of the walls or hell, even knock a wall out. Rented accommodation does suck in that way. I mean, I could try and do that to my parents house but I probably would be shot.

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