The Papergang: June

A day after my box of Papergang goodness for the bees arrived, the next addition, the June box arrived on my doorstep. I wasn’t expecting it so it was super exciting and I assumed the dispatch email I had received was for my late May box. It made my Thursday afternoon very riveting, let me … Continue Reading

My First Tarot Card Reading

Tarot is something I’m interested in. I know some people are very sceptical of it and as a result, completely against it. I don’t believe it is some higher power that has all the answers to all of life’s questions but more of tapping into my subconscious and learning things that I was already aware … Continue Reading

The Papergang: May

I had the trickiest time getting my mitts on my this Papergang box (which I wanted oh-so-badly) due to me being a numpty and forgetting to change my address from Glasgow to home. So if you happen to move into my old flat in Glasgow between now and September, congrats, you’ve got the May Papergang … Continue Reading

You Are Enough

I’ve compared myself to other people my whole life, through primary school and horse riding competitions, high school and then university. It is something I just can’t help. I’ve always worried about how I look, how I dress, that I’m too fat, not smart enough, not pretty enough, not funny enough, that I don’t smile … Continue Reading

Bringing The Outside In

Bringing the outside in is easily one of my favourite interior trends. Since moving out of the family home for the most part of the year into my own student flat with lovely flatmates, interiors are something I have become to get more and more acquainted with, albeit if it is in a rented flat. … Continue Reading