9 Things That I Got For Christmas That You Might Love Too

I know these posts are a bit of a hot topic at the moment and there is plenty of debate on my Twitter feed about them but I love them so fuck it, I’m posting one. I love seeing what people get for Christmas/birthdays ~ it is like an insight into their life and I find them great for finding gift inspiration for my own loved ones.

I suppose if it was one big post featuring gifts from the likes of Gucci, Chanel and Kate Spade I would sod it off and not bother with reading it. But don’t worry pals, I haven’t miraculously won the lottery overnight or am a secret millionaire, so this one isn’t like that.

There is a bit of a ~ cooking theme ~ as well, my parents and sister clocked on that I love throwing things in a pan and following a recipe and hunting around Lidl for a pretentious item. And hot sauce, I love hot sauce.

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2017 | A Year In Review

I always feel a bit mournful when a year draws to a close. All the could of, should of, would of feelings start to emerge and I begin to question, what the f*ck have I done with myself in the last 12 months? The last few years have certainly been turbulent and moving into another year reminds me of all the things have happened and all the things that are still to come.

One of the reasons I keep my blog is to have an online diary to look back on when I’m older, to remember all the laughs and tears from years gone by. I often feel as life moves so quickly that we forget to ponder what has passed but then I also feel like I spend too much time pondering the past.

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6 Edinburgh ‘Experiences’ To Gift This Christmas

We all have someone we don’t know what to get for Christmas. Or maybe you’ve got something exciting planned in Edinburgh yourself for the new year so maybe this could be a gift for you. I believe it is impossible for someone to go Christmas shopping and not buy themselves a Christmas gift or six.

Maybe your best pal is just impossible. Or your dad. Or your boyfriend. Maybe you’ve booked a sneaky post Christmas break to Edinburgh and need things to do that don’t involved spilling all your money into Primark because whoops, that top looked nice when you popped in to shelter from the rain.*

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7 Ways To Get Into The Festive Mood

Okay it is December 14th so like sort your life out if you ain’t festive yet. But don’t worry, I’m here to help you with that. The weather has been frightfully chilly of late which is perfect for adding a little bit of festivities to your day. I’m about to head off to the Cream Chimneys to drink coffee and use their internet as wow, the amount of stuff I have to do is overwhelming and I just want to watch Call The Midwife on repeat.

But it is 11 sleeps to go maybe? The big day is in sight, my friends. I’ve bought all of my presents, wrapped them all, had a last minute scramble last night when Peter Kay’s tour got cancelled.

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15 Things On My ‘Currently Watching’ List

I’m a right smug duck at the moment as I’ve finished university for Christmas. My final deadline was last Friday so I’ve been mucking around for almost a week now – mostly attacking things on my currently watching list.

I’ve been doing a bit of work at the antiques, a bit of blogging, a bit of Christmas shopping, flitting between Glasgow and the Scottish Borders, catching up with people I haven’t seen in a while and, most excitingly, having one on one time with the tele box.

Winter, Christmas and the holidays are definitely time to get snug with something on your screen. However when uni is over and I have no deadlines I’m suddenly clueless about what to what.

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