10 Little Things #5

Just checking in with you all, hope your weekend is going swimmingly. Mine is (almost literally due to the tremendous amount of rain we’ve seen over the last couple of days, it truly is a proper Scottish “summer) and tomorrow is finally moving day, hurrah! Very excited to get home from work tomorrow to unpacking … Continue Reading

10 Little Things #4

It’s Saturday night and I’m about to commit to a night of binge watching Sherlock because Love Island isn’t on and I’m not sure what to do about it. I’m currently on episode 2 and cor blimey, I forgot how blinkin’ amazing this show is. I think I’m in for a wild night. I also … Continue Reading

8 More Bloggers You Should To Be Following

After my first instalment of this post back in April, I realised that I still needed to share so many more amazing bloggers. When I compiled my list, I didn’t realise how many insanely good blogs I read and I was left with so many who I didn’t manage to write about first time. So … Continue Reading

10 Little Things #3

It has been another week of moseying around in pyjamas (and thinking about getting dressed) but I can finally say I am starting my summer job tomorrow (hurrah!) so maybe next week things will be different. I spent this morning having breakfast with my parents at my local garden centre where I had the loveliest … Continue Reading

10 Little Things #2

Since toning down weekly favourites and realising that not everything in a round-up post has to be big and flashy and super cool, the words have been flowing and this little things series has been very easy to write so far. I’m very into blogging and writing and words at the moment. I’ve got a … Continue Reading