Introducing … The Little Things

Starting a newsletter seemed to be pretty big in the 2017 blogging world ~ the perfect way to reach out to your readership in a different and even more personal way. I am subscribed to many a newsletter as they are perfecting for snatching reads whenever I get a chance in the day as they are already on my phone – waiting for the subway on the platform, standing outside a lecture hall waiting to go in, over porridge in the morning. So many women in blogging who I adored started newsletter and I signed up to every single one.

I love to write, so starting a newsletter and having another opportunity to write was always on the cards for me. However I didn’t want to start something I would fall out of love with in about two weeks time and I didn’t want to start something I felt was a half-arsed effort on my part. It had be perfect. It had to fit in with me, The Monday Project and the content I want to create. And I think I’ve done it.

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10 Little Things #32

Hiya, this post is the first to come to you from 20 year old Kirsty. Officially in my twenties now ladies and gents. It doesn’t feel any different to being 19 and whilst I am slightly mourning being a teenager no more, I am excited to have finally joined the twenty-something club – if barely.

Aside from obsessing over my age, I’ve had a bit of a bad week. You know days where you just cannot be bothered with anything? Luckily it was reading week so I could avoid going outside but I spent more than I would care to admit of my time slobbed out in bed with some sort of food stain on pyjamas, having a bit of a wail about life.

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10 Little Things #31

Happy Sunday all! University is almost about to embark on reading week which is terribly exciting – or would be if History didn’t insist on being awkward and making reading week a reading weekend that coincide with Classics so I do still have two classes this week. However, last week was pretty snazzy.

I did all the fun things. I had lunch, brunch, dinner and flower making. I had sleepovers, movie nights, nights outs and even exercised, albeit once. And I managed to smash through all my uni work and blog bits ~ FYI my giveaway with Printiki went live last week and I wrote a well soppy post to my pals. So it was a good week and here’s why: the Little Things!

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10 Little Things #30

I really struggled this week with Little Things. Which is strange as I have had a busy week. A crazily busy week. And I’m so behind on well, everything. I’ve spent too many  days hungover, ate too much rubbish food and I’m just feeling a bit like I’ve been run over by a car (aka my responsibilities).

So today is Sunday and I’m attempting to get my shit together for the week ahead. I’m gonna redo my meal plan, sort out my washing, maybe go outside (why is that such a task) and get organised for all my university bits for the week. But anyway, on with the Little Things!

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10 Little Things #29

Things to note from the last week: I am appallingly skint and I’m v raging at how expensive train prices have become. But aside from that, it been quite a good one. My alcohol intake has increased in 2018 as opposed to the latter half of 2017 (it’s like I’ve come out of HIVE retirement) and shall be focussing on decreasing that again as I can’t afford to do a lot of things right now, let alone piss all my money away on pints of fun and entry to the union club.

I had quite an active week to balance out the drinking ~ I did pilates last Saturday, trampolining on Monday (more on that below) and went to the gym on Tuesday. This perhaps redeems me from the three pizzas eaten in a row on last weekend? Maybe? I’m going with it does.

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