Postcards From Glasgow

I’ve been feeling a lot of love for Glasgow in 2018. I think after five weeks back in the Scottish Borders over the Christmas period made me excited to return to city life. Getting older makes you want to appreciate what’s around you more and for me, turning twenty and spending another year in the city, has made me want to explore and appreciate the city I call home.

Glasgow, in my opinion, is very underrated in comparison to Scotland’s other big city, Edinburgh. It is considered rougher, less historic, less relevant but I think it is one of the best cities in the world. It is loud, vibrant, exciting, busy, full and filled with lots and lots of different people. It merges modernity with history, locals and students and visitors and tourists and everyone can find somewhere to relax and enjoy.

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6 Edinburgh ‘Experiences’ To Gift This Christmas

We all have someone we don’t know what to get for Christmas. Or maybe you’ve got something exciting planned in Edinburgh yourself for the new year so maybe this could be a gift for you. I believe it is impossible for someone to go Christmas shopping and not buy themselves a Christmas gift or six.

Maybe your best pal is just impossible. Or your dad. Or your boyfriend. Maybe you’ve booked a sneaky post Christmas break to Edinburgh and need things to do that don’t involved spilling all your money into Primark because whoops, that top looked nice when you popped in to shelter from the rain.*

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The Elphinstone, Biggar & A Photo Diary

The last few weeks have been hectic and the next couple as promising to be the same so when the opportunity arose a little while back to have a welcome rest in the midst of it all at The Elphinstone in Biggar, I was all ‘hell yes about it’.

I was glad of a chance to escape for the weekend without my laptop and a good friend for company. We made a little weekend trip out of it, driving over from Kelso through Peebles to Biggar and then back again on the Sunday, having stops on either side.

After leaving our side of the borders at about 11ish we drove through to Peebles and I was gobsmacked at how gorgeous the scenery was. This was practically on my backdoor and I’ve been oblivious to it. Steph and I were in awe to be honest and the fact it was a beautifully sunny and cold winter’s day made the whole experience more enjoyable.

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3 Of The Loveliest Places To Eat In The Scottish Borders

Since I’ve been spending this summer at home, I’ve been trying to revert to being a tourist in my own area and seeing things a little differently. Whilst the Scottish Borders are not Glasgow, it doesn’t mean there aren’t things to see and do and places to eat! Although I’ve been working during the week, I have had weekends off for exploring and grabbing a bite to eat!

I thought I’d share three of my favourite places if you are in the area, all tried and tested by me. Going out of my way to eat at places so I can share, you know me, I’m a kind soul. I was intending to include another place: Hugo’s Wine Bar in Duns but the photographs I talk were just so dreadful I just can’t. Not that I’m a perfect pants at photography but honestly, I don’t know what went wrong with these ones, bit ashamed if I’m honest.

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Out of Love // Review

I have always loved the concept of the Edinburgh Festival and the Fringe but have never really ventured there until now. When I was asked to review the Plaines Plough production of Out of Love by Elinor Cook, I couldn’t refuse. Some of the acts on show at the Edinburgh Festival can be quite, interesting, but the summary of Out of Love sounded very intriguing indeed.

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