Nippon Kitchen, Glasgow

One casual rainy Friday where I was nursing a hangover, in a huff about Riverdale, dreading my seminar and had made and then cancelled plans to trot around IKEA, I ended up in Nippon Kitchen.

My phone started freaking out as it tried to receive Facebook messages whilst out on the desk of said seminar and I quickly thrust it in my bag before slyly opening Facebook up on my laptop to pretend like I was writing in-depth notes, my friend Keila had asked if I wanted to go for lunch.

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Hillhead Book Club, Glasgow

I’m typing this on Friday morning whilst lying in my bed with a can of diet coke which has been chilled. DIVINE. And thank the freaking lord that it is practically the weekend. BUT yeah, HHBC.

Hillhead Book Club is a firm favourite for many people in Glasgow’s west end. It is a very sizeable establishment and does tempt anyone in with £3 vodka or gin strawberry mojitos during the week. Like, c’mon. I just wanted to write a quick lil post on it because new year, new blog, new content, make an effort, all that jazz.

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TriBeCa, Glasgow

Due to some bizarre reason, I seem to think I have a lot more money than I actually do and that it is absolutely ok for me to gallivant around having food out when I should be at home both saving my pennies and writing my essay.

And it is difficult to eat healthy when out. I keep getting tempted by things.

But as it’s the week of my birthday, I have a bigger treat yo’self attitude than usual and when Emma and I decided to go for brunch somewhere on Monday, I didn’t let anything stop me from choosing the place with the most sugar on the menu.

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Sunday Spent At New Lanark World Heritage Park

I like historic places. It makes my inner buff got a bit crazy and I just walk around the whole time like “wow I am glad I was not alive when this happened.” Castles are my personal fave to visit (Alnwick Castle <3) but I have been to New Lanark Heritage Park before. I went when I was kid with my parents and sister and I remember thinking it was pretty damn cool. So when I got the opportunity to go along for a day, I jumped at the chance.

Well I didn’t jump, but I was enthusiastic to a great degree.

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Christmas On Byres Road

Procrastinating from uni work is one of my favourite things to do and despite having a portfolio due for the 2nd of December, I decided to take a couple of hours off from stress crying and pretending to do work.

I first saw the Christmas on Byres Road event on Facebook at the beginning of November and immediately texted Emma to ask if she wanted to go.

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