Six Summer Style Essentials You Need In 2017

Style posts aren’t always my go to. I, on occasion, am a big fan of my own personal style but on other days I just want to completely bin my wardrobe and start again because I hate everything. It’s no secret that I lack self confidence due to the way I think I look but … Continue Reading

An Opportunity To Wear White

I wish I could do more style related pieces on this blog but a) no photographer for the most part b) I am ridiculous at posing and c) I wear the same thing on repeat 98% of the time. It is a small miracle when someone takes a picture of me and I do not … Continue Reading

Fashion Polaroids Spring Essentials

Hey guys! I am Joanne from Fashion Polaroids. Me and Kirsty thought we would do a wee guest post on each other’s blogs, so I figured as spring is now upon us I would share with you some of my spring fashion essentials.

Spring Haul 2017

One Wednesday after I’d handed in my last piece of coursework, I took it upon myself to bankrupt myself. I had been wanting to head into the city centre for a little while, to spend my Topshop vouchers I got for Christmas and to buy a pair of white Vans with my left over birthday … Continue Reading

Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Glasgow weather has been a little bit demented of late and as much as I want to shave my legs and stick on a summery dress, it’s a little bit difficult. This combined with my desire to get up explicitly late and end having to rush out the flat in whatever I find on my … Continue Reading