3 Things I Learnt Whilst Travelling On My Own

When I say travelling, I mean catching a bus and two flights by myself in a foreign country. I didn’t spend four weeks or heck, even a night away, on my own in another country but I did something different and new to me, off the back of a very difficult decision which flipped my summer plans around.

I started my day of travelling home at 7.30 when I left my camp to head to the nearest city, Morganstown, to a catch a bus to Pittsburgh airport. At 8.30, I was on said bus on the hour and a half journey to Pittsburgh airport. From there I managed to check-in with only the flight number as my camp agency booked the flights for me and found myself with a good six or seven hours until my flight to JFK.

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12 Hours In London

In hindsight, spending a whole 12 hours in London was probably not the one three days before my first exam. Needless to say, it probably won’t be my brightest of moves as a person who neglects revision until the last week and a half. But as visa appointments are a fickle thing (not to mention bloody terrifying and a harrowing experience let me tell ya), I kind of just had to take what I could get and hustle on with it.

We ended up flying to London due to the time constraints and it being a smidge cheaper than the train. This brought me to Edinburgh airport at like 4.30am which is also not the one and I didn’t fly back again until half past 8 at night so this left us with practically the whole day on our hands. My little sissy came along for the ride so I wasn’t a lost little soul on my own wandering around (although I’m pretty sure I would have also enjoyed that too).

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5 Places I Want To Visit In The Next 3 Years

I really hope I manage to do all of these but hm, it’s probably not going to happen.

I have a huge travel bucket list in my bullet journal, with destinations ranging from Tokyo to Cornwall. I was lucky that I got to go a couple of really cool places last year and I’d love love love to continue that in the next few years.

Travel is exciting. It’s liberating, different and opens my eyes. I haven’t travelled much and I am more of a tourist than a traveller but that doesn’t mean I don’t dream of sandy beaches in Bali to the busy streets of New York to ice cream parlours in Rome.

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Prague In A Snapshot

I liked Prague. It’s a beautiful city and is absolutely steeped in history which makes my inner buff go nuts over all the kings and wars and stories. The architecture in Prague isĀ also pretty damn snazzy. I’ve never been somewhere with so many beautiful buildings. Literally, every street is rammed with the most gorgeous buildings.

All the good Instagramming opportunities but I got more preoccupied with Christmas trees and weird and wonderful Czech food I managed to source at the markets, soz.

Suppose I’ll just have to go back and visit again then.

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Packing For Prague

I find packing simultaneously ridiculously fun and stressful.

Not the best combo.

Packing for coming home for three weeks was a bit of a disaster and I’ve realised I’ve come home with about 1/3 of the things I actually need which means my options for Prague, are well, em, limited.

I’m only there for three days which means I’m trying to be really good with what I’m taking and trying to be sensible and not scream “eeeek fuck it” and pack ConverseĀ and summer dresses instead of the jumpers and boots I should be packing.

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