6 Admin Tasks To Do Before You Travel

There are lots of little bits you need to get in order before travelling or else you will be a bit of a headless chicken. I usually end up forgetting something and end up picking toiletries up in the airport or relying slowly on my card when away as I forgot to exchange currency and grudge withdrawing money.

I really enjoy packing so often devote most of my time to that or I spend pre-holiday prep on more trivial matters like scouring ASOS for any last minute picks or checking Pinterest for cute Instagram spots (I’m lame I know) but in light of travelling to two cities at the end of this month I thought I’d rustle up a little check list of important things to do. Tbh, this is more for me than anyone else but I have made a little PDF print out* in case anyone wants one for themselves.

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4 Poolside Reads To Pack In Your Suitcase

My favourite thing about holidays is having the excuse to do absolutely bloody nothing. I do that most of the time anyway but then end up feeling guilty for y’know, not getting on with my life. Ibiza provided to the perfect excuse to forget about everything for a few days and completely relax. I’m into that.

I never read much during the semesters as I’m usually bogged down in academic texts for my modules or watching Netflix on a procrastination binge. I’m an avid reader and can easily finish a book in a few hours so I made sure I packed ample for my time in the sun.

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Travel Notes | Ibiza Off-Season

I’ve just returned from a week of sunning myself in Ibiza with my little sister and surprise, surprise, we didn’t kill one another. There was a lot of bickering but no major blow ups and I had a really lovely time on the island.

Ibiza has never been my first choice of holiday destination but when I was looking for somewhere cheap to take my sister a few months ago I couldn’t ignore the £20-ish flights to this Balearic island. A decent enough looking hotel was then found on Booking.com for a very reasonable price (breakfast included!) and it was settled – to Ibiza we were going and off-season too. The flight time is only 3 hours from Edinburgh airport so it doesn’t feel too far away when trying to find some sunshine.

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My Ibiza Wish List

I’m typing this up on and making the edits on the 28th of February. Tomorrow is the first of March. And today, Glasgow has been utterly obliterated by the Beast of the East. We’ve been sledging on a plastic lid and IKEA bags whilst Rachel tried to kill herself by going down a hill in Kelvingrove Park in her inflatable duck.

In an effort to make myself feel a bit more summery whilst there is a snowstorm blowing outside, I decided to work on a wish list for Ibiza. I can’t really afford to buy any new clothes so only gonna treat myself to maybe a bag, midi dress and some sandals but a girl can dream yes?

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My 2018 Travel List

2017 for me was a year of realising that sometimes, travel isn’t the best option for you. Leaving Camp America was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done and this year I’m excited to travel some more, without the shadow of CA hanging over me. I’ve always loved going on holiday and spending a lot of time reading travel blogs (namely the amazing As The Sparrow Flies) has ensured that in 2018, I want to travel more.

SO. Where am I heading to in 2018? Being a student means I have a huge summer break between semesters which is great to capitalise on for traveling as it allows for me to find a summer job. I have a huge bucket list (that mostly involves the USA) but due to budget and timings I’m concentrating on Europe and where the cheapest flights on Skyscanner can take me.

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