Packing For Prague

I find packing simultaneously ridiculously fun and stressful.

Not the best combo.

Packing for coming home for three weeks was a bit of a disaster and I’ve realised I’ve come home with about 1/3 of the things I actually need which means my options for Prague, are well, em, limited.

I’m only there for three days which means I’m trying to be really good with what I’m taking and trying to be sensible and not scream “eeeek fuck it” and pack ConverseĀ and summer dresses instead of the jumpers and boots I should be packing.

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How Barcelona Won My Heart

Barcelona won my heart, in a single day. It’s nestled cosily up there in my top five cities in the world (also included in this list is Amsterdam, Paris, York and Philadelphia) and I didn’t even spend 12 hours there. Barcelona is everything I expected it to be and more. It was bright, colourful, charming, quaint, chilled and laidback. The sun shone the whole day we there (not too hot which was lush because I would have been chaffing like nobodies business) and the whole city is alight with sounds, sights and smells.

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Seven Days In Spain

I’ve never been on holiday in September before. Usually I’ll have been working my toosh off in school, getting settled back into the routine but because this year “school” didn’t start till 19th September, four of my friends and I sashayed off to Spain.

Well we flew, we didn’t sashay.

I’ve never been to mainland Spain before (I’ve been to Mallorca once) and I didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as I did. I knew I’d enjoy the company (obv), the sunshine (obv) and the break from real life (obv) but I didn’t think I’d actually like Spain as much as I did.

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Packing For Spain

I hate packing. I really hate packing. I find it stressful and it makes me nervous. I started writing this post on a very Autumnal Saturday because I really should be packing but because I’m not a fan, I’m trying to put it off for as long as possible. I’m super keen for going on holiday and for weeks now I’ve been picking out outfits and shoes and swimsuits to take and adding them to my list but the actual process makes me want to vom.

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Finding Pretty Things

One of the most beautiful places I’ve visited in recent years was Magic Garden Philadelphia. I like a wee jaunt around a museum (the National Museum of Scotland is bae) but art galleries and exhibitions? Not really my thing. I mean I think they are cool but I just don’t ever seem to find myself in their company. But when Rebekah suggested we go to the Magic Garden Philadelphia during Ali and I’s stay there, I wasn’t going to argue. Honestly I had no clue what this thing was we were going to see but after a traumatic subway journey and a little walk in the stifling heat, we were through the door. PLUS it’s only $8 with student ID (British ones too!) so I was intrigued to see what it was all about.

This outdoor mosaic by Isaiah Zeger is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen recently. It probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but for me, it sealed the deal. So here is a photo diary of my visit to Magic Garden Philadelphia and every time I look at these photos, it inspires me to search for pretty things closer to home.

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