Introducing … The Little Things

Introducing … The Little Things

Starting a newsletter seemed to be pretty big in the 2017 blogging world ~ the perfect way to reach out to your readership in a different and even more personal way. I am subscribed to many a newsletter as they are perfecting for snatching reads whenever I get a chance in the day as they are already on my phone – waiting for the subway on the platform, standing outside a lecture hall waiting to go in, over porridge in the morning. So many women in blogging who I adored started newsletter and I signed up to every single one.

I love to write, so starting a newsletter and having another opportunity to write was always on the cards for me. However I didn’t want to start something I would fall out of love with in about two weeks time and I didn’t want to start something I felt was a half-arsed effort on my part. It had be perfect. It had to fit in with me, The Monday Project and the content I want to create. And I think I’ve done it.

Since 2018 started I’ve been brimming with content ideas. The Monday Project is constantly on my mind and this creative burst is generating blog post idea after blog post idea out of my head and onto paper. And I love this feeling. I’ve been constantly adding posts to my planner, planning content up to the beginning of April which is so exciting for me.

Whilst this is really great and beats writer’s block any day but the problem for me is ~ I want to share all this content now. However I don’t want to irritate my readers with a constant bombarding of my ramblings. I also don’t have the time to create more than three posts a week that I could be proud of thanks to university and well, my life.

It’ll probably chop and change a bit as I find my groove with it but ultimately it will focus on ten little things. I want to keep this positivity I’ve drummed surrounding the little things & I want to move into other writing avenues online so a newsletter feels like the natural next step. So I hope this sounds like your cup of tea and you’ll subscribe. The first edition shall be jumping into your inboxes this Sunday.

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If you sign up, I promise to only send you the newsletter you’re subscribing too (The Little Things) and I ain’t shady so you’re in safe hands pals. And if you are wanting to delve into this newsletter world a little further, may I recommend my five favourite newsletters of the moment.

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