Juice Garden, Glasgow

Juice Garden, Glasgow

Is this one of the nicest, chicest cafes in Glasgow’s West End? Quite possibly. I went there for lunch with two friends from home one Saturday in January for a lil summin summin of the good stuff (food). It’s always weird seeing people from home in Glasgow. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a little bubble up here, disengaged from things going on at home. I text my mum and sister every day and phone my mum about once a week but that’s family stuff. Not to be ridiculous, but they don’t really catch me up on the 4-1-1 from home. So when I meet people from home, they do. It makes me involved again and when I go back home, I won’t feel lost or disconnected. It’s a weird one.

I’m going home next weekend and I’m so excited to slide back into relaxed, country life. Where the fridge is stocked by my mum, the fire is roaring and I have my little dog running around my feet tripping me up! I miss home. I miss it a lot. I miss the sleepiness of farm life. The no rush approach, the clean air and most importantly, the completely uninterrupted darkness of the night sky. YOU CAN SEE THE STARS SO CLEARLY AT HOME!! But then it gets tiring because it’s so slow again and I can’t wait to get back to the city. So yeh, back to me nattering about Juice Garden so all you basic boos can check it out too.

Juice Garden is gorgeous. We met on a sunny, bright, fresh Saturday lunchtime and were shown to a table. We sat in the window so we were able to see the bustle of Byres Road roll past. Nice and city-ish. Lol. Ok I’ll stop with the descriptive creative writing now and get back to talking rubbish about all the food I ate whilst there.

They do the nicest food in this cafe. So yum and fresh and healthy. I had a little something called Moroccan Magic which was a toastie filled with falafel, tomatoes, lettuce and hummus goodness. Literally heaven. So tasty and yummy. And filling. I love how healthy food is deliciously filling. I should try and eat it more often. Try and lay off the pizza a lil bit yeh. One of my friends I was with had the same as me and the other had a gorgeous vegetarian burger with sweet potato fries, the mumma of chips. So delicious as I pinched a few. When we were gearing up to leave, I decided to have a juice as well. A really yummy one called Sherbert Lemonade. Tasty tasty.

So if you ever find yourself in the West End of G Town and are in need of a nutritious, healthy lunch, check out the Juice Garden. It’s the most basic bitch thing to do really.

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Original Post Date: February 2016