The July Edit

The July Edit

How is it already August? Oh my god me, quit it with the oh my god how is it so and so every month. I’m becoming such a broken record. Real talk, I can’t actually believe that it is now August. I got so caught up in July that I actually started writing this post on the second of August. Fact.

July was a super fun month. I was still on a post-Bahamas bliss come down at the start of the month but the sunshine of the Caribbean was soon pushed away by the rain and the mud in the fields of Strathallan Castle.

Yes I went to a festival. Yes I hated the mud and the camping. Would I go to one again? I’m still undecided on that one. I did really enjoy the music (Jess Glynne, Courteeners and Bastille were all awesome) but do I like music enough to go through that hell again? I’ll get back to you all on that again.

I’ve been working loads like the boring Betty that I am but I did finally time to go out in Kelso twice during July. I know ground-breaking. Since not drinking in like 6/8 weeks, I definitely made up for on the Saturday night of Kelso’s festival week, Civic Week. I also dyed my hair blonde this month which was pretty fun, I’m planning on re-dying this month because it’s a good, positive change.

One super exciting awesome thing that happened this month is I signed up for Ohh Deer’s stationary subscription, the Papergang. I’m a long time fan of Ohh Deer and of stationary so spending £11.90 a month on a surprise collection of products seemed a no brainer for me! Whilst I haven’t written a blog post on July’s haul, I will definitely be writing one up for August. So stay tuned to see what weird and wonderful things I get this month. Do anyone else subscribe to this?

I haven’t been blogging much recently for several reasons, the biggest mainly being work, so then I’m tired and then I just want to spend my evenings watching Gossip Girl and plotting how to become the Blair Waldorf of Glasgow in prep of my move to New York (please happen one day) instead of plotting how to become an internet whizz kid and writing down some things for you all. I’m having a few days off work this week so hopefully I’ll drum some ideas out and in a couple of weeks I should be posting every Tuesday, Thursday and second Sunday again. Hope that’s cool with y’all.

I can’t believe for the life of me we are now in August and I only have six weeks of summer vacay left before university year two starts. It’s weird how I think this is such a short amount of time but back in the good old days of school, six weeks was my holiday. I’m quite into all these holidays you get as a student, the lifestyle suits me. July ended up being a pricier than expected at the end of the month as I booked not one but TWO holidays! Somebody slap me back into place and tell me to stop spending all my money so frivolously please. Thanks in advance. I’ve kind of adopted a new mindset this summer: I might die tomoz so say yes to everything. I also find myself asking this question at least 10 times day, “What would Blair Waldorf do?”. So far my approach has had me cashing out on two holidays for the rest of 2016 so all is sunny over here. I’m heading to Spain in five weeks with some friends from uni and in December I’m going to Prague for three days with a couple of girls from home/work. How exciting! This is coming from me who never went on holiday between the years of 2010-2014. My impromptu holiday personality *may* come from the fact I bought year long travel insurance and I am obsessed with getting my monies worth!

So that’s all from me for now, I’m going to go back to racking my brains about what I loved in July as I can’t really remember all that much from July. Was it just me or did July seem like a reaaaaaally long month in comparison to every other month so far?

Have an awesome August!

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