June Favourites

June Favourites

(Soz for the “LOVE” overload but I really liked it and I have 375756 pictures of it and I’m super pleased with this one as a print, looks like a post-card if I do say so myself)

Wooo hoooo June you have been fine with a capital F. It’s been a super long month but I’ve enjoyed every moment of the sixth month of the year. Maybe because I spent the first two weeks of it in the sun? Spending all my dollars without a care in the world? But even since returning to Scottish earth with a bump, I haven’t stopped enjoying. I’ve caught up with old friends, spent lots of quality time with my family and started earning back some of the pennies I burned whilst abroad at my summer job. Here is everything I’ve loved in June …

1. Victoria’s Secret Bra

My new true love. For years I’ve heard about the wonders of Victoria’s Secret but as I live in the UK (miles from London) and where shipping from the US would cost my left kidney, I haven’t be acquainted with VS until now. When Ali asked if there was anything I wanted to do in Philadelphia, visiting a Victoria’s Secret shop was top of the list – I know I’m so cultured. I wasn’t disappointed at all. The service was amazing (even got a fitting) and I treated myself to a beautiful bra in the $20 bin which made it even more amazing. I’ve worn it loads since and can confirm it is the comfiest bra I own, plus it makes my boobs look good that’s fun.

2. Photos From The Bahamas And University

I’m so glad I was camera happy on my trip to Philly and the Bahamas. The photos arrived on Friday (so in July but who cares) and I’m so happy with them! Although I did accidently order about six of a couple of them. I’m planning on ordering a nice photo album from Paperchase and making a bit of scrapbook with all the photos I have from university (also on my Photobox order) and my trip.I’m super excited to get sorted on that project so hopefully I can pull some money from somewhere to buy an album!

3. Summer Work At Floors Castle

Boy is it good to be earning money again. I did three weeks at The Terrace Cafe at Floors Castle in Easter and it’s really nice to come back in the summer kind of knowing what to do. The work is fun and it’s nice working with the public, especially tourists from far and wide! And let’s be honest, money is the best thing about it all. Means I can start saving up for future trips …

4. Gregor Fisher At The Borders Book Festival

I’ve never been to the Borders Book Festival before in Melrose and all I could think when I went was “WHY WHY WHY”. It was awesome. Such a cute little venue with lots of nice food available to buy (I had a pretty funky butterscotch ice cream) and the book tent was the place of dreams. Mum, Gillian and I had a little browse before Gregor Fisher and I spotted a book I fancied. The Gregor Fisher event was really cool, basically it was a Q&A and a discussion about his autobiography The Boy From Nowhere with Gregor Fisher, his co-author Melanie … and the convener. Gregor Fisher himself was very funny but the actual story behind the book was very emotional and in-depth. Mum bought the book which I’m excited to read and she also bought me Beloved Poison by E. S. Thomson which I’m excited to sink my teeth into! Next year I’m definitely going to make it a priority to visit more of this sweet little festival!

5. Game Of Thrones

One of my weekly gems has come to an end. The last two episodes were sensational. I love Jon Snow so much and he is my favourite character on TV (except Hanna from PLL) and the last two episodes just kept me totally on edge and hooked and in the episode the Battle of the Bastards (episode nine) I was just terrified Jon Snow was going to die every 0.10 seconds. But he didn’t, phew phew phew. Watching this last series has kind of got me thinking of getting into the books again so maybe I’ll dig out A Dance With Dragons on my kindle and get stuck into again over the summer!

6. Pretty Little Liars

One of my other favourite TV shows has returned to our screens. Thank the lord for Netflix uploading the new episode weekly after it has been released in America. Although the fact it comes out in the UK a day later makes being on social media without having watched it an extremely risky business. I watched the first episode of the season with Lauren, another PLL fan and Emma, who is not a PLL watcher but she watched it anyway. The new season got underway in a pretty exciting way and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season brings!

7. Family Meal

When I was younger we used to go out for dinner as a family all the damn time. Like srsly every weekend. It was great, I lived the dream. But since university, jobs, hobbies, it’s not something we really do anymore. I think the last time we all ate out together was when we went to see The Jungle Book in March. Anyway, last Saturday we had family friends visiting and we decided to try a restaurant in Kelso we hadn’t been to for years, The Contented Vine. It was awesome. The service was great, really attentive staff, super yummy food and really busy but relaxed atmosphere. I had garlic bread to start, followed by a divine smoked salmon and prawn linguine and then a lemon and lime posset to top things off. It was all delicious. I would totally recommend this restaurant if you ever find yourself in this neck of the woods (highly unlikely).

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