May Favourites

May Favourites

(Cheeky lil pic of New York to get the ball rolling in this post)

Boo May you have been long and stressful. Despite having three exams this month, I’ve somehow managed to fit in more socialising and burger eating than I did in April? Maybe I’m just a pro-procrastinator. I’ve been to the cinema this month: exciting. And I’ve bought a lot of things. So here is all I’ve been mooning over in May …

1.Captain America: Civil War

I love Marvel films and I go through phases of being obsessed with them. I went with my friend and his friend to the most adorable little cinema ever: The Grosvenor on Ashton Lane on one Wednesday afternoon to see this bad boy. I love love love Captain America but oh my god, Winter Soldier is also pretty damn cool.   So I made that fun conclusion. He’s such a bae. It was a really good film, such a good plot-line and it just makes me more and more excited for more Marvel’s films. It also had quite an “Avengers” vibe due to the scale of the cast which was cool.

2. Forever 21 Cross Body Bag

I picked up this nifty little number for £6.50 in the Glasgow branch of Forever 21’s closing down sale. I used to really like cross body bags and had a few from Primark which I used religiously. Howevs, over Christmas I picked up my black backpack from Topshop which I adore so I just stopped using them. I also realised some of them were really gross and “ew what was I thinking?!” This little guy is a great size (practical), was cheap and looks and feels a lot more expensive than it’s humble price-tag. Would have only cost £18 at full price though as well.

3. The Bahamas

In case anyone didn’t already get the memo from Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, I’m currently in the Bahamas. It’s very hot (in my opinion anyway), it’s so bright and all in all, just delightful. I’m lucky that I also got to have two beautiful days in Philadelphia as well but I’ll discuss them both in greater depth laterz.  I am  having an unbelievably time whilst experiencing the sun,  the sand and exploring one of my friend’s worlds. And getting a tan because obviously. (Update: not going as well as hoped apart from my hands, they look great. My nose however is so sunburnt it is practically a beacon signalling for help).

4. McDonald’s New York Stack Burger

One hungover Saturday morning, four of my friends and I tootled off to McDonald’s along the road for a hangover cure. Currently (I don’t know if this is still current) McDonald’s are running the limited edition Taste of America burgers and when we went, it was the New York Stack. Basically this bae was two burgers, coleslaw, lettuce, cheese, other yummy stuff that I can’t remember and all of this was not in a bun but a BAGEL. Yes a BAGEL. So that was super yum. I can’t remember the last time I went to McDonald’s before this where I got a meal simply because it looked so damn good. I was obsessed with the monopoly so I would buy the meal with the most stickers and other times I would only get a 99p cheese burger because y’know poor student and all. So if you pop into McDonald’s, I would definitely recommend one of these meals!

5. End Of Exams

Sweet holy cry of relief. Thank the lord they are over. The summer examination period was not a fun period at all, especially when most of my friends at university where finished before me! I don’t deal well with the stress that comes with exams and I can’t convey my joy at them being finished. I don’t like to comment too much on how they went until I get my results but in all honesty, they could have been a lot worse. Now I can relax as summer is now upon us and I can get and well truly excited for my hols and summer plans! There was a brief panic in Philly where we thought results had been released but I decided not to check as I didn’t want to ruin my holiday by knowing I’d failed. Ignorance is bliss am I right?

6. The Body Shop Bloggers VIP Event

This month was a big plunge for me. I went along to a bloggers VIP event at the Body Shop one Tuesday evening. It was super fun, really interesting and it was nice to meet other bloggers, albeit I was a bit shy! Hopefully it won’t be the last event like this I get to go to as I did really enjoy it and learnt from it! As well having pina coladas, talks about the products and just general chit-chat, we also got a 30% discount which was cool. This brought me to my bae that is Camomile cleansing balm and you can read more of this little boo here.

7. New Look Pleated Midi Skirt £22.99

Finally got myself a midi skirt didn’t I. I’ve wanted one for ages but they always just seemed kinda expensive and there was y’know other things I’d rather spend my SAAS on like alcohol and food. But I was in New Look one Friday with Rachel and Shona, picked it up, held up against me and decided I had to have it. Rachel is a bad person to go shopping with as she just tells you to buy something if you like it which ain’t always good for the pursestrings but hey, she could probably say the same thing about me! I’m in love with it. So comfy, so light, such nice colours and I think it looks a-ok with me. First time I wore it I paired it with a black crop top and I felt pretty damn sassy. It’s definitely in my case for the Bahamas anyhoo.

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