The April Edit

The April Edit

Ah April. Did anyone else feel April really dragged on in comparison to other months we’ve seen this year? Maybe it’s because I spent most of it at home rather than in Glasgow where times sees to speed past every time I blink. But it’s been a grand old month as we creep towards summer, slowly but surely.

Firstly, the weather has been dire. Simply dire. I saw the sun about four times in Kelso during the holidays and it’s been so cold and damp. Where the hell is summer? I want to stop wearing tights and start wearing sunglasses without feeling like a bit of a twat. I’ve decided whilst Glasgow is 100% wetter, the Borders is definitely colder which is strange considering we are further south. So there is my insightful view of the weather situation.

So what have I been up to other than analysing the weather? I saw April in at home as I was there for three weeks, from the 26th March to 16th April, working away at Floors Castle Terrace Cafe and annoying my mum. It’s been such a good feeling to be earning money over Easter break, nice knowing I’ll be going back to uni with a little extra in my pocket and all of it going towards my Bahamas spending fund. Having a job also makes me feel productive and I honestly don’t know how people cope without working. It’s kept me occupied, focussed and more determined than ever to keep saving up for all my future plans. Everyone at Floors has been very nice and welcoming and it’s nice to see some old faces more frequently. I’m looking forward to being there over summer so next semester can be just as awesome as the last two (money always helps)!

I’ve only had two days off in the first two weeks which was a bit of a shock to the system after endless days of Netflix in my bed in Glasgow. The first day off was spent meeting some old friends in Kelso and some dog-walking whilst the second was a stellar day in Glasgow with my lil sis. We had a smashing day in five hours and I wrote up a post all about the funsies: check it out here. Sorry I’m shameless at self-advertising. Soz not soz from this corner. I had two days off the following week as four of my friends from university came to visit! I had lots of fun playing tour guide as we spent our time with me saying “And this is where …”, Monopoly wars and endless fun on the wii. Everyone forgets how much fun Mario Kart is until you start playing it again. I always play Baby Mario by the way in the Standard Bike if anyone is interested in my preferences. And my favourite track is Delfino Square. Rad.

My last night in the Borders was spent with my family. I rushed home from work, pulled on a fresh change of clothes (whose ever heard of showers?) and slapped on some make-up as we dashed off towards Quins in Galashiels. We had a lovely meal before heading round the corner to see The Jungle Book at the Pavilion Cinema. The Jungle Book was (is) one of my favourite Disney films so I was really excited about the new film! My mum was a little sceptical about it at first but once she heard Steve Wright talking about it on BBC Radio 2, it got the thumbs up. So thanks Steve Wright for that one. It was a wonderful film (read: fucking amazing) so you should all definitely go and see it if you get the chance! The Jungle Book is a wonderful story and I’m a huge fan of both the book and the Disney musical cartoon. What I like was how this film was different from the musical which means I can keep separating them as two completely different films! I’m now SUPER excited for the new Beauty and the Beast after seeing how well done this live action was. I also had scampi when I was out for dinner which was lush as I haven’t had scampi in ages and I fucking love scampi.

I got back to Glasgow two weeks ago (oh my god April you is long) and I spent 99.5% of my time revising. The other 0.5% was spent blogging, watching Netflix and worrying about exams. So that sounds like a super fun lifestyle am I right? I’m two exams down (only one left) and I have wanted to tear my hair out, I’ve cried a lot and I’ve changed pyjamas about twenty million times per day. And I’m probably put on a shit tonne of weight due to all the revision snacking I’m doing and eating meals the size of the moon. Who needs a bikini body? (Most definitely me). I’m just counting down the days until I can jet off to the Bahamas and tan (read: come home resembling a lobster).

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