My 2016 Wish List

My 2016 Wish List

Literally cannot believe we are in 20-freaking-16. Like what the actual hell. Where has time gone? Flown by that’s where. As I type this it’s still the Christmas holidays (still in 2015 actually). I’m wearing holey leggings and real fluffy alpaca socks which I got for Christmas from my good ol’ mama. And I’m writing about 2016. WHAAAT.

I’m a big list-writer, I write them for almost everything and I don’t feel cool about anything unless I’ve got a cheeky lil list to abide by. Bit sad I know. One of my favourite lists however is a constant wish list. Everyone should have one of these. You know when you just feel like treating yourself but don’t know what? You need one of these bad boys to refer back to am I right. Basically, whenever I see something I like, I write it down. And then if I ever get around to treating myself (spoiler: I treat myself A LOT), I can tick it off and oh boy is that satisfying.

I recently did a little round-up of my wishlist, did some sweet ticking off and then decided to reorganise it so TA DAH. Here we have it: my wish list for 2016 and boy are there some hunnies on it.

1. New Stationary

As already mentioned, I’m a HUGE lover of a good old to-do list. So what does a girl need to write them down in? Some bangin’ stationery. My mum got me the loveliest notebooks from Next and Ohh Deer for Christmas which is lush lush lush. I also have my eye on some Kate Spade lovelies and you can never go wrong with Paperchase.

2. Something Suede

Suede was a big thing in 2015 and as per usual, I’ve missed the bandwagon. I’m always a few seasons behind with clothes and suede as it appears will be no different. Hopefully it’ll be around to stay. I’ve got my eye on a nice lil suede button up a-line (see here).

3. Dungarees

I’m a huge lover of pinafores so it just makes sense to have their rough and ready older sister in my wardrobe as well right? RIGHT? That’s what I’m telling myself anyway. Last October I saw the nicest black dungarees with ripped knees and stupidly didn’t buy them so I’m on the hunt again. Check out these from ASOS.

4. Elizabeth Scarlett Cushion

Elizabeth Scarlett is a brand I saw like a million years ago on a favourite blog of mine and has just stuck with me ever since. I’m a big lover of blankets and cushions adorning things so I just need one of these. This lil girl is my favourite.

5. Topshop Jeans

I’m having a huge wardrobe clearout in 2016 and I actually only have about one (two at a push) pair of jeans that I actually like wearing. I’ve heard the stuff of legend about Topshop jeans and 2016 will be the year I bag myself a pair. Joni or Leigh though? That is the question.

6. White Shirt

Amen. Another wardrobe staple I’ve completely bumbled past in a daze. WHY? Who bloody knows. When I treat myself to a white shirt, it’ll definitely be one from the Menswear section because I’ve heard good things about these shirts (and not from men). Especially those from Primark and Topshop.

7. Roll Dress

I already have an affliction with roll necks so why not add a dress into the mix? I saw a dreamy one from Boohoo a year ago and again, regretz at not picking that bad boy up. See here for my current bae.

8. Wrap Dress

Wrap dresses were a big thing in like 2013 but alas, I didn’t get one. I feel a wrap dress would just really compliment my figure as I’m big on the top and bottom (unfortunately) but I can sometimes fool people into thinking I have a small waist so a wrap dress would be the icing on the cake. I have the nicest wrap playsuit from Urban Outfitters so I’m looking for a little dress boo I can alternate with. Got my eye on this one.

9. St Tropez Tan

I NEVER wear fake tan. There I said it. I’m just not that good at applying it and I’m quite lazy and can never be bothered with it if I’m honest. But 2016? My fake tan year. I’m gonna treat myself to the only tan a lot of people swear by, sweet sweet St Tropez.

10. MAC Lipstick

I love lipstick but have just never been able to cough up £15.50 on one single lipstick. But I’m feeling ready to treat myself with it. Still not sure which shade I would go for, either Heroine or classic Relentlessly Red.

11. Sunglasses Holder

This just seems such a practical item I appear to lack. I love sunglasses – although they can be a bit of hassle with contacts and glasses. I’ve heard you can get pretty nifty ones off Amazon …

12. Hannah Gale Sweatshirt

Hannah Gale is one of my all-time favourite bloggers so when she announced she was bringing out a range of sweatshirts – I just knew I had have one.

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Original Post Date: January 2016