My Guide To Student Flat Hunting

My Guide To Student Flat Hunting



My guide anyhow, not that I’m super wise or anything. Flat hunting is mega stressful and mega competitive. It will cause arguments. You will feel like crying sometimes. Or if you are like me and are HIGHLY emotional, all the time. All you will want is somewhere to live. Even though it’s only March. And you’re not coming back to uni till September. But it’s the stress talking you know? So here’s a few tips for ya (mainly coming from my friend’s mum) …

1. Don’t panic and take somewhere shit. Believe it or not, this is more than one flat with x number of bedrooms! I was guilty of trying to do this but my gals were like “Kirsty chill” and then we found somewhere nice. We looked at quite a few flats and got offered quite a few but it’s all about time and patience. Lets be honest, however much you tell yourself at the time, you won’t thank yourself six months down the line if your bathroom has damp.

2. Make sure everyone is ok with their bedrooms. You’ll soon know about it otherwise. We were lucky, most of the flats we looked at had double bedrooms, usually two smaller and two larger and we were all chill with who wanted what, but that isn’t the happy case for everyone. I personally spend a colossal amount of time in my room so you want to be happy with it. It’s your happy place. And let’s be honest, double beds are kind of a must. And if you say they’re not, you are lying and value the wrong things in life.

3. Remember that you might not have lived with these people before – they will have quirks. Compromise is key. Make sure everyone is satisfied and aware about the level of cleanliness you all want. Just talk everything out. Or discuss it on the group chat in an nice adult way.

4. Remember all the important stuff, it’s not all about choosing rooms and OH MY GOD A SOFA. Ask about the boiler. Ask about double glazing. Ask about energy efficiency. Ask for landlord registration number. Ask about the cost of bills. ASK ASK ASK. Or at least get your friend who is the best at talking to adults to ask.

​5. Check that everyone is ok with the price and location of the property. You don’t want to be falling out with people once you’ve moved in because oh my god it’s so far we’re so isolated I’ll never go the gym now (that was me btw). Also check the price is a-okay for everyone because money can sometimes be an awkward and tricky convo but everyone should be prepared to compromise for a budget. It’s important that everyone is satisfied, remember; it’s their money too.

​6. Make sure everyone has photocopies of important documents such as funding letters or bank statements. These guys are super important and you don’t want to be handing over the real deal.

7. Try not too get over-excited about anything, be a professional. You want the landlord to think you are legit and sophisticated. It’s important finding a flat and you should make it a priority. So play it cool guys, play it cool.

8. Make sure everyone has their legal documents in order for when it comes to important stuff like signing the lease: some form of ID (driver’s license or passport), student ID potentially and proof of how you are gonna pay (SAAS letters, Student Loans letters, proof from your parents). Don’t make it a mad scramble at last minute.

9. Don’t hand over any money without getting a receipt or invoice. Don’t be silly kids.

10. Most importantly, find somewhere you will be excited to live. And enjoy it.

Roll on next year!

Lets try and all be like these 3 babes in the pic.

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