My Sparkly New Blog Design

My Sparkly New Blog Design

I’ve been blogging consistently for almost a full year now (that’s when I started my site, I’d been playing around with a Weebly one before then) and as you can see, my blog has perhaps, graduated, to another format.

Self-hosting was scary and I didn’t feel like I should be doing it which seems dumb because it’s my blog and I can do whatever the hell I want with it. But I just felt like I didn’t deserve it or why should I bother? But after a few weeks of churning in angst about it, I just bit the bullet one night and went for it.

I read a blog post by Lily Pebbles which explained the steps she’d taken and I found it so helpful. I was a bit conscious about where to purchase my domain name from but I went with her recommendation, Go Daddy, and tbh, it was all pretty simple.

Like, I even managed it.

Everything kind of happened all at once because I have been thinking about self-hosting, a re-design, a domain name etc since about November last year but never got around to it (and well, money, duh). But Blogerize got in touch with a collaboration idea and it has resulted in this lovely theme!

I’m really happy with it – it feels a lot more together than my previous one and I like how I got to have a lot of input. I love the Instagram theme along the bottom as it adds a lot of colour to the home page without being tacky or overwhelming. Another fave of mine is the font used for the heading and tagline, it’s just so simple and pretty. Elena from Blogerize was very helpful and took all of my ideas into the mix! It was all pretty effortless, just shooting emails back and forth and I didn’t feel stressed about it one tiny bit.

It took a couple of weeks to get everything tweaked properly but this is the finished product and it is making me so excited for blogging in the future!

I hope you like the new design, I definitely do! The categories which my blog features are available in a drop down menu from the “About The Monday Project Section” and I’m going to be updating the rotating posts at the top with ones I think you should be giving a lil look towards!

I’m so excited for the rest of 2017 and what other opportunities are lying out there for me, I’ll be able to document everything I do on my own little patch of the internet.

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