My Top 7 TV Shows Of All Time

My Top 7 TV Shows Of All Time

I really bloody love watching TV. Especially American TV. Hence why there are no British dramas on this list. Although I am partial to a bit of Downton Abbey, Silent Witness and Lewis. My taste in TV shows really vary; they go from all-star American teen dramas to gritty serial killers in an instant. I quite happily watch an episode of 90210 on Netflix and then follow it up with an episode of Dexter.

Netflix is a godsend for us box set lovers, I can sit for HOURS watching episode after episode. My current baes on it are Orphan Black and the third season of Grimm but I have also wasted hours of my life on Charmed, Dexter and Prison Break. My Netflix highlight? Watching all thirty episodes of The Next Step in one weekend. No regrets at all.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a new series that you know you’ll love as much as your previous love. I felt like this after Dexter before I discovered Grimm. So I’ve compiled this little list of my seven all-time favourites which you guys might enjoy too. I mean you could have a life and all but what is the fun in that?

1. Pretty Little Liars

PLL is my ultimate true love. I think it is most people’s true love. Why is it the most addictive programme on the planet? I saw a blog post recently by dizzybrunette3 which perfectly summed up my relationship with PLL. I showed it to my friend who is a fellow Pretty Little Liars lover and she agreed. It’s a real binder this show. Everyone watches it. Basically to explain things, the ringleader of this group of girls disappears and a year later, when her body is found, the four remaining girls start receiving messages and threats from “A”. And then it is escalates into some super crazy shit from there. It’s now in its sixth season and is more twisted and just wrong than ever but I can’t function properly on a Wednesday until I’ve digested the new episode.

2. Dexter

Dexter is just a show which sucks you in. As a lover of crime dramas, I liked the sound of Dexter but it is also slightly different to your usual cop dramas. Because Dexter is a serial killer. But he works as a blood splatter analysis expert for the Miami PD. So he’s a bad guy, working for the good guys but also kills fellow bad guys? That’s basically the gist. Series highlights include seasons 4, 5 and 6. Especially 6. 6 is awesome. Even though Dexter is creepy and his lifestyle choices are questionable (he kills people) you still love him and root for the guy. Great show.

3. Grimm

Another current bae alongside PLL. I’m currently plodding through the third season of Grimm on Netflix and whilst it’s amazing, season 1 is definitely the best. It’s a mega complicated show but basically a Portland detective discovers he’s a Grimm. This is a person who can see the supernatural world of Wesen and acts as a protector to humans against rogue Wesens. The show takes inspiration from The Brothers Grimm and other folk tales but as the show progressed, a bigger plot line develops. My favourite episodes though are ones which involve rogue Wesen in Portland. My favourite characters are Monroe and Rosalee but I read spoilers for season 3 and oh my god, so much changes!! Spoilers are never a good idea. It’s a really good cop show with a massive (not as mental as Dexter) twist.


I can just watch any episode of NCIS and know what season it is. I’ve become that adapted to it. I watch it all the freaking time on 5USA. It’s just such a good show. Basically it follows the lives and careers of a team of NCIS special agents as they solve crimes related to the navy. I don’t actually have a fave character as I love them all equally, it’s that kinda show. Tony and Ziva are just the best couple ever and I cried a lot when Ziva left. Sad times.

5. One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is just the most American teen drama high school show everrrr. But it’s still brilliant. when I watched this, I was quite willing to move to North Carolina and just live their American lives. It seemed so awesome. The first four seasons are set in school and centre around the Ravens (the basketball team) and the brother rivalry between Lucas and Nathan but as it progresses it moves onto bigger issues. The best thing about this show? The super happy ending at the end of season 9.

6. Criminal Minds

Another disturbing favourite, Criminal Minds is by far my fave US cop show. It follows the Behavioural Analysis Unit as they try to figure out who is committing the most freaky and twisted murders you have ever seen on TV. It’s clever, thrilling, gritty, disturbing and terrifying. So basically everything’s that’s right with TV atm. The characters are well-developed and you really feel as if you know them. The plot is well-driven and keeps you enthralled but oh my god, it can be the scariest thing ever. What’s even creeper is you see the crime being committed before the BAU get involved and during the episode, it flashes between the killer and the BAU tracking them. Freaky.

7. Charmed

My go-to show if I’m having a down day. Once you look past the cringey 90’s slang and terrible graphics, it’s a great show. The “sister stuff” is a little too much at time but I love how they are sisters and not just friends, it’s refreshing. Piper is my favourite because her power is cool and her and Leo are relationship goals. Whilst witches in San Francisco will never happen, Charmed is inspiring in its own weird and wonderful way.

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Original Post Date: July 2015