New Year, New Blog

New Year, New Blog

2015. What a year. (Spoiler alert: this post will be an incredibly generic reflection of 2015 and aims and aspirations for 2016, soz not soz.)

It has in all honesty been a truly fabulous year. I finished school in May, had the most amazing adventurous summer with the best people and then settled down in Glasgow for the next four years of my life (university so I haven’t really settled down at all.)

I’m truly thankful that I am lucky enough to be able to attend such a great university such as Glasgow and live and experience such a vibrant city. Glasgow is bae. I like it just as much as Edinburgh and I think it’s always going to be special to me as it’s the place I’m studying in. Here’s to another year of discovering Glasgow a lil bit more.

At university I’m studying History which has been great so far. It’s really interesting (thank god), the style of teaching is just up my street and my tutor for semester one was a right babe. Big shout out to Roslyn. I’ve also met the most inspiring and kind people who will hopefully be friends for life and we have a good few memories to keep us loling about. Bantz.

One little tiny incy wincy bit of university has been the neglect my blog has experienced. I checked the posts today for the first time in too long (I won’t even admit how long) and I haven’t blogged since freaking September. SEPTEMBER!! Apologises for that. 2016 is gonna be our year. Promise.

Anyway, so 2016 huh? It’ll be my eighteenth year on this planet (so a biggie yeh) and it’s already looking to be a good one. I’ve got a few sassy things lined up such as T in the Park, a Shakespeare play and going to see one of my fave artists. So all in all, lookin’ good out there.

In six months time, I’m hoping to still be happy, still be having fun and hopefully (fingers crossed) a little bit on the lighter side. I hope I’m eating healthier, still doing fun stuff and have a summah job so I can fund all said fun stuff.

It’s been a big old year since my first ever post went live. Madness. I recently had a little look at it and five new years resolutions on it so I’ve noted them down here:

1. Keep blogging.
2. Try and have a healthier lifestyle.
3. Watch all of Gray’s Anatomy.
4. Enjoy my last ever summer holidays as a non-independent adult.
5. Learn something new.

Have I kept all of them? Hell noooo unfortunately. The blogging one I was doing a-ok at (although there was a few hiccups along the way) until September where I just dropped off the grid. My lifestyle has not been healthier but 2016 is hopefully going to be an improvement on that but I did start doing yoga in 2015 so that’s exciting. I’ve still never watched a single episode of Gray’s Anatomy. I did however have a wonderful adventurous exciting summer with my best gal pals. As for learning something new? I have picked up German again at university if that counts??

And for my blog in 2016? In all honesty, I’m not exactly sure how my blog will change in 2016 but I’m 100% sure it will. Hopefully we’ll still be floating around. Going back to Glasgow in January, I’m excited for as I have a routine and I’m all settled and it’ll be all funsies again. Hopefully this will mean I can dedicate the time to my blog it deserves and really work on it and it’s something I’m still so passionate about. Even if I’m not very good at showing it allll the time. I’ve got a few posts lined up for January (haven’t thought further ahead than that yet) so stick with me gal pals and make 2016 our year!

So yeh, just to say, I’m wishing everyone all the best for a smashing 2016 (love that word) and lets finish with some proper inspirational words from H. Jackson Brown Jr.

                                   “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” 

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Original Post Date: January 2016