November Haul

November Haul

I wanted to call this a “mini A/W haul” but then realised it’s not actually that mini. What does mini constitute as in your book? I don’t think this constitutes as “mini” but also ain’t massive so I went with a nice simple “November Haul”.

Okay rambling DONE. I think.

Considering Christmas is literally just around the corner and I have bought about two Christmas presents, I really should stop treating myself at every chance I get. It’s just extremely hard not to because every shop is literally stuffed with things I want to buy.

It feels a lot colder this year than it did last year so I’m pining for roll necks, big scarves and a new pair of boots. I actually need a new pair of boots. Instead, I keep buying lipsticks. My priorities are clearly in place.

I headed home to the Scottish Borders for a long weekend in November (full post here in case you missed it) and I took the opportunity of having 30 minutes before my train to saunter around Buchanan Galleries. That wander and the time I spent at home has resulted in me adding a few more bits and pieces to my ever-growing wardrobe …

T H E   H A U L

River Island Glitter Chain Bag £18

I’ve seen this beautiful magpie type bag in several Instagrams and blog posts recently and after I bought my ticket to Daft Friday, I decided I had a good enough reason to invest. I’ve not owned a chain bag in yonks as I’ve been pretty loyal to my little black backpack from Topshop since last December but it doesn’t seem to fit into the black tie dress code, unfortunately.

This bag is a great shape. I can easily fit in my phone, a lipstick and my card holder with room for a little more so I think it’ll do a grand job on Friday 16th December. I’ve already used it a couple of times just on days out as it adds a lil bit more sass to my outfit and makes me feel cooler than I actually am. I like feeling like that.

NYX Full Throttle in Sidekick £5.50

This was a panic buy in Boots after being told they didn’t have the Turnt Up collection from NYX. I bought it to replace my beloved Flutter Kiss which I lost in Viper (still mourning that one) but I’m pretty happy with this guy too. The colour match isn’t perfect, this is a little bit more pink toned but I like it. It looks like my lips but better.Like you have an Instagram filter on your face. I definitely recommend if you want to wear lipstick but don’t want to look OTT.

Tu at Sainsbury’s Block Stripe Roll Neck £10 (half-price in a promotion)

Being honest here, I copied my mum by buying this roll neck. When we got home from the train station during my weekend at home, she showed me this jumper which she had picked up the other week. I was so impressed when she told me it was from Sainsbury’s because it feels amazingly soft and is such a good quality jumper. I later found myself in Sainsbury’s whilst at home and it was still on offer so I snapped one up too. I wrote up a whole outfit post on this babe which you can read here if you so wish.

Oliver Bonas Pastel Card Holder

This was a gift that my little sister gave me after she won two of these from a horse riding competition back in October. I’ve been using a watermelon print card holder from Accessorize since my trip to Amsterdam in 2015 which is kind of record for m to not to have lost it but this one makes me a feel a little bit more grown up. As with everything Oliver Bonas, it is really good quality leather and is such a lovely colour.

River Island Earrings £8

I’ve gotten out of the habit of wearing earrings since coming back from Spain in September which is a bit annoying as two of my ear piercings have actually closed up. I was waiting in the queue in River Island when I spotted this set of earrings and just decided to snap them up. They are all such simplistic designs but also very dainty and pretty.

Tu at Sainsbury’s Sparkle Tights £8

Hello, actually I am ten years old and have bought these tights for my Christmas party at school. This was another magpie moment. I was browsing the clothing aisle at Sainsbury’s with my mum when I spotted these and just decided to buy them. I’ll definitely be wearing them around the festive season.

New Look Grey Beanie £3.99

This was a blessing in disguise this beanie. I intended to buy a similar one from Urban Outfitters for £18 but it wasn’t in store so I decided to just have a browse in New Look. I managed to find this one which was a stroke of luck. It’s not as soft as the Urban Outfitters one but it is super comfy. I’ve wanted a grey beanie for a little while because I wanted a cosy hat to wear that doesn’t have a bobble on the top. I have since worn said hat to Morrison’s and I felt mildly cool. They don’t have the grey version online but here is the same style in different colours.

New Look Silver Pom Pom Keychain £4.99

These little guys have been floating around the blogosphere and street style in general and I eventually decided to snap one up. This was a snap decision in the queue at New Look where I felt I hadn’t bought enough (does this ever happen to anyone else or is it just me irresponsible?) and there were all these pretty colours. I don’t ever really use a handbag so I wasn’t sure what to put it on but I picked out a grey one and it looks pretty good on my silver backpack. Also, it makes finding the zip easier. Pretty and practical. Shop here.

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